BotCon in Hasbro's Backyard
(griffin's 2007 BotCon report)


For clearer photos of most of the art display entries, go here -

First up, the winners of the five art categories, which were announced at the Saturday night party.

Black and White 2D winner. (photo from BotCon website)

Colour 2D winner.  (photo from BotCon website)

Colour 2D Computer animated/assisted winner.  (photo from BotCon website)

Custom figure winner. (photo from BotCon website)

Diarama winner.  (photo from BotCon website) (I don't get what this diarama is supposed to be representing though)

And the rest of the art display:

Transforming Wheelie and Cyclonus (I remember them from an art display some years ago)

Classics toys coloured like Euro Thundercracker and G2 Grimlock, Starscream, Ramjet.

Dead Optimus.

Custom original figures.

Classics Wheeljack and Classics Overkill.

Superion and Bruticus, using some Energon figures.


Classics Dirge in packaging.  And two of a very common theme - black Optimus stuff - The helmet and Big Convoy.

Liokaiser and another Classics Wheeljack.

Poseable Computron and Abominus.

Alternators Springer and Roadbuster. More Evil black Optimus figures.

Hearts of Steel Bumblebee.  And a plush Optimus.

Very funny.

Planet Junk, with six different Transformers motorcycles as Junkions.  Photo from BotCon website.

A Primus that doesn't look as detailed as the Cybertron primus.

Some Movie themed Diaramas - one from the game, and one guessing a scene from the movie.

Legends Punch/Counterpunch, and Alternators Motormaster.

And the drawn artwork.


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