BotCon in Hasbro's Backyard
(griffin's 2007 BotCon report)

Preliminary rounds 2-3pm Friday, Finals 9am Saturday

Ian and I went along to the Preliminary rounds to see what it was about.  There were six teams this year, each made up of five people.  They stood in a line, each taking turns to answer a question, so you just have to be lucky to know the topic when it is your turn.  The team members had to be part of the applicable forum (which meant the Collector Cub team were not actual staff, just regular member of the site/forum).
More photos can be found here -

Brian at the computer with two teams lined up on each side of him.

And a view from the other direction, showing the screen with the questions. Photo from BotCon website.

Results of the pre-lim round:
TFW2005 def Seibertron
Allspark def The Hub
Wiki def Collector Club

In a Finals (which I didn't go to), Wiki (and I think Allspark) went onto the final, of which Wiki won. They administrate and monitor an interactive encyclopedia website after all, so they'd pick up quite a lot of trivia and info in the process of constantly monitoring and updating the site.

I didn't go to the 3pm Friday - Movie Writers (second of 3) panel, which was the last one of the day.

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