BotCon in Hasbro's Backyard
(griffin's 2007 BotCon report)

Club Magazine/Comic Panel - 1pm Sunday

From left - Drew Eiden (colourist), Alex Milne (artist), Trent Troop (contributor), Lanny (Layout), Greg Sepelak (contributor), Pete Sinclair (editor).

Not a whole lot mentioned in this panel, but still of interest to members of the club.

- Next issue has an interview with the Movie Writers (who were at the convention). Plus more Lil' Formers and Minicon Profiles.

- The website will soon have added to it the next part of Ben Yee's story.

- Games of Decepticon (BotCon) comic, follows issue 18 of the club comic, which won't be out until December!!

- Their Classics comics are meant to follow Gen1 as a replacement to Gen2 to resolve loose ends(?)  Since I am jet to see the rest of their Classics comic story, I'm not sure what they mean by this.

- The Club Magazine is sent with the Master Collector classifieds to actually make it cheaper to post.  If they sent it by itself, they would need to use envelopes (they do it now for us foriegners after a year and a half of damaged issues) and the cost and time to put them in and seal them worked out to be more expensive.  They mentioned that they do indeed anticipate the end of the printed MC eventually (due to the internet), but not for a while yet.

They then played a 15 minute fan-made CG animation of the pre-Beast Wars theft of the golden disk, featuring David Kaye voicing Megatron's lines.

I skipped the 2pm - Stan Bush panel, as I went to the first one.  That was the last panel for the weekend.

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