BotCon from Down Under
(griffin's 2007 BotCon report)

Dealer Room, Movie Trucks, Video Room & Autographs

This was the queue to Dealer room an hour before it opened on the Friday 'Pre-reg only' day.

Entrance to Dealer room.

Optimus Statue in front of the Hasbro exhibit and display.



Stan Bush's table.

IDW comics table.

Activision game station.

Gamer Graffix - sells themed skins for a select number of game consoles and gamepads.

DK Books Table.  (mountains of toys in the background)

Club Store inside the Dealer room.

Dealer room from the back corner.

Looking across from the Art Contest end.

Another shot from nearby, with the giant Optimus looming over all.

Looking across from the other side.

Takara Hot Rod Statue (someone brought to display in the dealer room)

This was the first year since I took a camera to BotCon that I didn't get time to take a 'panoramic' montage of the Dealer Room. It's something I like to do for other fans to get a better idea of the sheer size of the Dealer Room and all the stuff being sold. (yes, I was really annoyed that I forgot)

Sector 7 & Optimus Trucks
On the second level of the main convention centre, the hall was home to the real Optimus Prime Truck from the Movie, the Sector 7 Truck, and the Hasbro shop.

The Hasbro shop was selling it's exclusive of the Pepsi Prime (previously was an exclusive to the US Pepsi competition), and in the photo below, you can see they had hundreds piled up out the front, and behind the curtains were hundreds more.  I would have checked on the Sunday how many they ended up selling, but was too busy.  And yes, Pepsi Prime was neutered.  The smoke stacks were cut to the height of the cab.

The view of Optimus Prime facing off with Sector 7. Photo is from TFW2005 website.

This photo is also from the TFW2005 website.  The Sector 7 Truck was a mobile promotional tour of the Movie around America, stopping in cities all over the place in the weeks leading up to the movie.  It was basically a performance put on by some people dressed as Sector 7 agents, who lead a group of 10-20 people at a time, inside the truck. Once inside, they start to talk about Sector 7 but are quickly interrupted by an 'emergency transmission'.  The transmission itself (shown on a couple of screens) is the entire 10 odd minute scene from the movie which has Scorponok attacking the soldiers, and then defeated by the airstrikes.  I was surprised that they showed so much as a 'teaser'.

And Optimus Prime himself, or at least as real as a Transformers character will ever get for us transfans.  The two photos below of Optimus is from Legham.  My photos were taken on the Friday (less people), and I went back on the Sunday to get a really close look and feel of Optimus Prime.  I can't explain how it felt, to be able to feel the texture of what is essentially one of only a few physically existing Transformers.  This was like when you're a kid during Gen1, and you dream about meeting real Transformers. For me, this felt like that dream.  It might only be a truck, but it is the essense and icon of a Transformer - The Optimus Prime.

Me in front of Optimus.

And Ian sitting on Optimus.

These were two mini-posters given out by the Sector 7 people on the 2nd level, and at the Saturday Night Party.

Video Room
Started on the Friday morning playing Armada episodes, but looked to be closed down by the middle of the day.  Not sure if it was moved or if they just had technical issues (or if it was just shut down because no one was using it).

Apparently held on the Saturday from 10.30am, but I didn't get the time to see it or take any photos, so this one is from the BotCon website.
More photos can be found here -

The Autographs area was on the top level, over to one side.  I'm not one for autographs, and it often takes up too much time while other panels are on or the Dealer room is open.  Below is a photo I took of the Autographs area, while Peter Cullen (on the left table) and a few others.
More photos can be found here -

Below is a photo of Legham/Liam getting his Optimus Prime Toy signed by Peter Cullen. Photo is his.

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