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(griffin's 2007 BotCon report)


Entering the Dealer Room, the first thing you see is a giant Optimus Statue.  Behind that was the Hasbro booth and product display.

There were ten display cabinets, set out in a semi-circle, with a TV at the back playing episodes, and tables in the centre of the semi-circle for the Hasbro people to sit and field questions from the fans.  Also on the tables, they had copies of the US Target exclusive cover prequel comic and 'Lunchables' 'toys free for anyone who wanted them. (Lunchables are a type of snack-pack aimed at school kids, sometimes coming with a free toy)

Left side of semi-circle - Right side of semi-circle
And in the middle, the TV and tables.

These were the Lunchables 'things' that fold open to reveal a different character inside.  Six in total - Optimus, Megatron, Starscream, Ironhide, Blackout, Bumblebee.


Probably the easiest way for me to do this to avoid clutter or confusion, is to have a complete list with all the details here first, and then the photos with just the names listed. I will also add to the list, the items revealed at the Hasbro Panel for 2008 (anything with '2008' noted on the list is not in the display photos below)
**Note - Dates listed are US Hasbro dates, which would be the month consumers can best expect product in all applicable US stores, but expect early sightings in the month preceding each listed month.  For AUS fans, use as a guide only, but expect mainstream items to have a similar release date here.

Regular Movie Line.
Legends (US$4)
Wave 1 - Autobot Ratchet, Autobot Jazz, Bumblebee, Barricade (Jun)
Wave 2 - Optimus Prime, Megatron (Jul)
Wave 3 - Starscream, Blackout (Sep)

Deluxe (US$10)
Wave 1.0 - Protoform Optimus Prime, Protoform Starscream (April)
Wave 2.0 - Bumblebee, Autobot Jazz, Barricade, Scorponok, Wreckage, Decepticon Brawl (Jun)
Wave 2.5 - Bonecrusher, Swindle (Jun)
Wave 3.0 - Arcee (Autobot Motorcycle), Bumblebee (08 Camero), Dreadwing (Decepticon Jet) (Aug)
Wave 4.0 - Longarm (Autobot Towtruck), Payload (Decepticon Armoured Van), Final Battle Jazz (not on display, card back photo only) (Sep)
Wave 5.0 - Recon Barricade w/ Frenzy, Dropkick (Decepticon Pickup) (Oct)
2008 - Landmine (Autobot Army Buggy), Stockade (Decepticon Sector 7 Van)

Voyager (US$20)
Wave 1 - Autobot Ratchet, Blackout (Jun)
Wave 2 - Starscream, Ironhide (Jun)
Wave 3 - Optimus Prime, Megatron (Aug)
Wave 4 - Thundercracker (Starscream recol), Rescue Ratchet (Oct)
2008 - Incinerator (Decepticon Osprey), Evac (Autobot recol of Blackout)

Leader (US$40)
Wave 1 - Optimus Prime (Jun)
Wave 2 - Megatron (Jul)
Wave 3 - Decepticon Brawl (Sep)
2008 - Desert Attack Brawl, Nightwatch Optimus Prime

Ultimate (US$90)
Wave 1 - Bumblebee (Aug)

Themed/Gimmick Movie toys.
Fast Action Battlers (US$10)
Wave 1 - Cannon Blast Ironhide, Ion Blast Autobot Jazz, Battle Blade Starscream, Power Hook Optimus Prime (Jun)
Wave 2 - Double Missile Decepticon Brawl, Axe Attack Autobot Ratchet (Jul)
Wave 3 - Gyro Blade Blackout, Fusion Blast Megatron, Disc Blast Frenzy (Aug)
Wave 4 - Blade Shield Barricade, Plasma Punch Bumblebee (Oct)

Cyber Slammer (US$8)
Wave 1 - Barricade, (74) Bumblebee (Jun)
Wave 2 - Optimus Prime (Jul)
Wave 3 - Autobot Ratchet, Decepticon Brawl (Aug)
Wave 4 - (08) Bumblebee (Oct)

Cyber Stompin (US$20)
Wave 1 - Optimus Prime, Bumblebee (Jun)

Robot Heroes (US$5)
Wave 1 - Bumblebee Vs Barricade, Autobot Jazz Vs Decepticon Frenzy, Autobot Ratchet Vs Megatron, Optimus w/ gun Vs Blackout (Sep)
Wave 2 - Bumblebee w/ Cube Vs Bonecrusher, Optimus Vs Starscream, Ironhide Vs Decepticon Brawl, Optimus w/ Blade Vs Scorponok
(Pairings of wave 2 are from the way they were displayed, but may be incorrect. Release date is probably Oct/Nov)

Titanium Robot Masters (3inch - small figurines) (no wave or release date details)
Single pack - Optimus Prime, Megatron, Autobot Ratchet, Ironhide, Decepticon Brawl, Autobot Jazz, Blackout, Bumblebee.
3-pack (US$15) - Optimus Protoform, Optimus Robot, Optimus Truck (US Target/AU Kmart - Aug)

Robot Replicas (US$10)
Wave 1 - Bumblebee, Barricade, Megatron (Aug)
Wave 2 - Autobot Jazz, Optimus, Decepticon Frenzy (Oct)

Unleashed (US$20)
Wave 1 - Bumblebee (Jun)
Unleashed Turnarounds (US$25)
Wave 1 - Optimus (Aug)
Wave 2 - Megatron (Oct)

- Optimus Blaster (US$30) (Jun)
- Starscream Blaster (US$30) (Jun)
- Ratchet Blaster (2008)
- Optimus Helmet (US$30) (Jun)
- Super Soaker (US$25) (Jul)

US Target Exclusives
Basics Wave 1 - Arcee, Signal Flare, Hardtop (Jun) (US$8)
Basics Wave 2 - Clocker, Skyblast, Strongarm (Jul) (US$8)
Basics Wave 3 - Air Raid (Skyblast recolour), Elita-One (Arcee recolour), Armorhide (Aug) (US$8)
Deluxe - G1 Movie Jazz (Sep) (US$10)
Voyager - G1 Movie Starscream (Sep) (US$20)
(Voyager) - Robovision Optimus Prime (Jul) (US$25)
Legends - 'Generations' 4-pack Cybertron and Movie Optimus Vs Megatron (Jul) (US$10)

Other US Store Exclusives
- Bumblebee Vs Barricade (Walmart) (US$20 - Jun)
- 'Leader for the Ages' FAB Optimus & Deluxe Classics Optimus (Walmart) (US$20 - Jun)
- Optimus Movie Blaster (recolour of Energon Roleplay Blaster) (Walmart) (US$20 - Jun)
- Brawl/Bonecrusher/Jazz 3-pack (Sams Club (Walmart)) (US$25 - Jul)
- Desert Attack (Blackout & Scorponok) (US Toys R Us) (Jun)
- Legends 6-pack (Optimus, Jazz, Bumblebee, Megatron, Barricade, Starscrea) (US Toys R Us)
- Unleashed Bumblebee w/ Exclusive cover prequel comic (US Kmart) (US$20 - Jun)
- Leader Optimus Prime w/ Legends Bumblebee & Legends Jazz (US Costco) (US$35 - Aug)

Non-Movie items

Real Gear (US$7)
Wave 1 - Power Up VT6, Spy Shot 6, Speed Dial 800, Longview (Jun)
Wave 2 - Zoom Out 25X, Booster X10 (Jul)
Wave 3 - High Score 100 (Autobot game controller), Meantime (Decepticon Watch) (Aug)
Wave 4 - Night Beat 7 (Autobot recol of Booster), Wire Tap (Decepticon recol of Speed Dial) (Oct)

T.E.C.H (US$13)
Wave 1 - Digital Dagger (cell phone), Quick Bow (PDA) (Aug)
Wave 2 - Flash Bang (power tool?), Tight Shot (video camera) (Sep)
Wave 3 - Autofire (game controller) (Oct)

Robot Heroes (Gen1) (US$5)
Wave 1 - Optimus Vs Ravage, Rodimus Vs Insecticon, Grimlock Vs Shockwave, Mirage Vs Starscream (Jun)
Wave 2 - Ultra Magnus Vs Megatron, Bumblebee Vs Soundwave (Jul)
Wave 3 - Optimus w/ Matrix Vs Unicron, Jazz Vs Thundercracker (Aug)
2008 - Galvatron Vs (a Dinobot), Beast Wars Megatron Vs Cheetor

Titanium Robot Masters (3inch - small figurines) (non-Movie)
(No new ones shown - see photos below)

Titanium Cybertron Heroes (6inch - larger figures)
(No details displayed, and only 12 were shown (only 3 of those are yet to be released) - see photos below)
Unreleased items on display - Menasor (SDCC excl recolour of Rodimus), Primal Prime (Optimal Optimus recolour), Soundblaster (Soundwave recolour).

Plushies (US$10)
- Softimus Prime, Slumblebee (Jun)

- Pepsi Optimus Prime ( (US$25 - Jul)
- Robot Heroes 5-pack (Walmart) (US$10 - Jul)
- Masterpiece Starscream (Walmart) (US$60 - Nov)


Page 1 - Movie mainlines, Real Gear, Robot Replicas, TECH, Fast Action Battlers.

Page 2 - Store Exclusives, Robot Heroes, Titaniums, Games, Merchandise, Hasbro Store (Downstairs).

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