BotCon in Hasbro's Backyard
(griffin's 2007 BotCon report)

IDW Panel - 1pm Saturday

From left - Bill Forster(The Ark), Jim Sorenson (The Ark), Nick Roche (Kup Spotlight), Josh Burcham (colourist), Eric Holmes (Megatron Origin), Robby Musso (Ultra Magnus Spotlight), Dan (Editor).

Started off with some slides of Covers and artwork of upcoming comics.
- TFs Vs The Avengers covers.
- Galvatron spotlight cover.
- Beast Wars Vol 2 Covers and Art.
- Beast Wars Source book cover and art - 3x48 page issues starting in September, with one character per page.
- Transformers Magazine covers - a new IDW item, which reprints an issue of DW's Armada, Marvel's 'Generations' and IDW's (Stormbringer) monthly.
- Optimus Spotlight cover and art.
- Art of Transformers - a hard cover book (and a number of variations) to cover all existing IDW covers.
- Reprint of UK Gen1 Dinobot Hunt arc mentioned.
- Devastation covers and art.
- Premiere Edition Vol 1 - Compiles IDW's opening Gen1 Universe (Infiltration, Escalation, Devastation, Stormbringer, Spotlights) for October.

Then the Q&A.

- They want to do more stories under the Evolutions banner, but seem to have enough to do at the moment.  Mentioned doing a 'War of the Worlds' version.
- More Hearts of Steel?  They'll look into it.
- They were a bit surprised to get approval from Hasbro for the Megatron Origin comic, due to it being an iconic character.
- They are planning to reprint DW's Gen1 Profile books.
- More posters?  They'll look into it.
- They have pretty much done all they can with the Dreamwave stuff (limited to just reprinting their comics), and they want to wrap up all the unfinished stories, but will only be able to when/if they are allowed to.
- Star Trek Vs Transformers crossover?  Had already looked been looking into it as something they would like to do. (but I could imagine would be a legal nightmare to get approval from all interested parties)
- Arcee spotlight?  Maybe if interest.
- The Kup Spotlight was Artist Nick's first comic writing credit.
- More female TFs?  Should be more in their comic soon.
- Ever considered doing an apocalyptic story that ends everthing?  Something they can't comment on at this time, but suggested that it was something they would be asking Hasbro about at an upcoming meeting.
- The company was asked if they are financially sound (after Dreamwave's collapse, the fans remain nervous), and Dan mentioned that they are doing very well with it all and expect to be doing Transformers comics for the longterm future.
- Hearts of Steel was shortened by one issue, which was noted as wrapping up very quickly in the final product.

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