BotCon in Hasbro's Backyard
(griffin's 2007 BotCon report)

Movie Writers (Alex Kurtzman and Robert Orci) Panels - 11am Friday, 3pm Friday, 10am Saturday.
(I went to the first and third sessions)

Alex and Bob

Their panels were a Q&A format, so each one had different info (combined together in this page).

- The Movie was written as a one-off movie, without any thought of sequels in mind.  They did a lot of research into Transformers history and lore.
- If they are to write a sequel, they want to make sure it has Soundwave.  Originally, Blackout and Scorponok was Soundwave and Ravage, but in the end they couldn't make the character of Soundwave work well enough so decided to protect the iconic character until they could do it properly and with respect to the fandom.  They said that they listened to the fans as much as they could, and wanted to be true to the fans with what they wrote. (keep in mind that the final product was influced by a non-fan director, so even if everyone else in the start-to-finish process is a fan, it is still the director's vision that distorts the resulting movie)
- Another character that was in the early line up was Arcee, but it was also dropped due to scale (being a small motorcycle) and the fan reaction to the character meant saving it until it could be done properly, like Soundwave.  The writers described a scene with Arcee and the kids (driving through the school halls to get the glasses in a dramatic pace, which Sam had left in the classroom after his 'show and tell' scene), which they were really disappointed couldn't be used in the movie once the character was dropped.
- The writers, knowing that Megatron wouldn't be turning into a gun, intentionally had Megatron 'form' a fusion cannon by putting his hands together in the City Battle Scene with Optimus (a bit like how Transmetal Cheetor used his hands as weapons in Beast Wars), but they were a bit disappointed that fans didn't seem to notice this nod to Gen1 Megatron.  Someone from the audience then pointed out that at least Hasbro noticed, by having it noted on the packaging of the Leader sized Megatron toy.  That made the writers happy hearing that. Another thing they mentioned which didn't seem too obvious in the movie (I didn't pick it) was that it was the Allspark power that regenerated Frenzy and Bumblebee's vocal unit.
- The Movie was written to reflect present day events, including the middle east setting and current American President.
- A lot of the items and concepts were left intentionally vague,  like the Allspark cube and its origin, which was to make it more 'god-like'.
- The New Creations of the Allspark (vending machine, phone, etc) were only meant to be just mindless destructive drones.
- Jazz Death was not their idea, but they had to have an Autobot die to make the stakes feel real.  They were told it couldn't be Optimus though.
- Bumblebee being unable to speak was done for artistic reasons and to allow Optimus to explain their purpose when they arrive later, otherwise their arrival would have been a quick introduction with little from Optimus.
- They were still happy with the final version of the movie to their version and vision.
- They expect that a DVD release of the movie will have heaps of cut scenes, based on what was scripted and filmed, but later dropped during post production.  One scene mentioned was the Sector Seven agent having the head of Frenzy as a trophy at the end of the movie.  A second example was in the plane with the Scorponok tail, Figuroa dying (he was injured by Scorponok in the desert battle). Another one they mentioned was having Maggie picked up by Secret Service agents before her appearance in the Pentagon in the Movie.
- They mentioned that the ILM animators were so excited about doing this movie, because they are all huge fans from our generation.  The comment was that the ILM animators had been wanting to do a Transformers movie for years, and that the last three Star Wars movies were like a practice run for their animating skills, preparing themselves for this highly prized project.  (Just don't let the Star Wars fans hear that though :) )

- One frequent answer to various questions about if certain dead characters would be brought back or if the Allspark cube is gone, was 'anything is possible'.

It was interesting to have the writers try to guess at some answers, probably because the finished products (movie, book and comic) vary to their original script, and some things in them may not have been what they planned or invisioned.  One example was the Optimus and Megatron 'brothers' line - they intended it to be open to interpretation as either 'blood' brothers or as brothers in arms, but the book and comic apparently made it that they were related as brothers.  I think the mindless drones was also something they didn't write up an explination for, because they didn't seem familiar with the book making out that Earth items brought to life wouldn't be sentient.

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