BotCon in Hasbro's Backyard
(griffin's 2007 BotCon report)

Stan Bush Panels - 10am Friday, 2pm Sunday.
(I was only at the first session)

Stan had two songs on the 1986 Movie soundtrack, had written a third Transformers song a few years ago for BotCon, and was meant to have 'The Touch included on the 2007 Movie soundtrack, but it was cut from the movie very close to its completion (and therefore didn't make the soundrack CD either).
He is currently releasing his 11th Album with 2 of his Transformers songs re-recorded and included. He was selling copies in the dealer room, and it will be available on Itunes in two weeks.  In the pre-reg pack, there was a leaflet detailing how fans could access a free download of his two re-recorded Transformers tracks, which had me thinking that if Transfans could get the only two TFs tracks free, why would anyone buy his album?  I didn't see too many people at his table in the Dealer Room, so maybe he didn't end up selling many copies because he was giving away the Transformers portion.

He grew up in Florida, and got his first guitar when he was 10.  He then lived in Colorado and formed his first band. His first album was in 1983, with the Transformers soundtrack released in 1986. He then spent a fair bit of time in Europe, releasing 8 of his albums in Europe and Japan.

He said that he was flattered by the usage of 'The Touch' in Boogie Nights  - a movie about the 70s porn industry released about 7 years ago with Mark Walhberg as the main character - I would have thought it be more embarassing, but I suppose any publicity and royalties must be good.

He told us that 'The Touch' was originally written for Sylvester Stallone's 'Cobra', but missed out, so it went to Transformers instead.  And that it was inspired by the movie 'Iron Eagle' which had a line in it, of one pilot telling the other that 'he had the touch'.

Talked a little about his song writing process, how it depends on the inspiration.  Between writing and performing - he prefers performing, but likes both.

Announced that the third Transformers song he did for BotCon a few years ago (Ground Zero) had been re-worked and renamed 'Till all are one', and that he would be performing it at the Saturday night party/concert.

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