15 Years of BotCon - 10 Years for Me
(griffin's 2008 BotCon report)

Saturday noon - Club Magazine Panel

Magazine Panel - Pete Sinclair, Lanny Latham, Benson Yee, Forest Lee, Trent Troop, Greg Sepelak.

Started with a rundown of the Newsletter's current features and sections.

Mentioned that their current year comic (Transcendent Storyline) in the Magazine is the Transtech Universe. For those who are new, Transtech was planned to be the series to follow Beast Machines, but it was doing so poorly and the toys were just getting too bizarre to entice kids and parents to want to buy something they don't even recognise on the shelf, so it was axed in the early developement stage, and Amada was developed to produce more recognisable alternate modes for the market (and Robots in Disguise was brought over from Japan to give Hasbro the time to start from scratch with a new toyline). Before Transtech was axed, quite a few design sheets were done up and there were even at least half a dozen pre-prototype models and one prototype figure that I am aware of.
Anyway, the Collector Club thought it would be a good opportunity to use the Transtech designs, and style for other characters, as a way to continue with their Magazine's story universe without interferring with anything previously existing that is official/canon.  They are apparently allowed to use any character from any TFs universe/series, except the Movie universe.

Talked about the one-page intro comic in some/all issues of the magazine that will lead to their short stories on the club website.

Mentioned their online website (panel was a bit of a promo for joining the club).

The convention comic this year is the third issue in their Timelines comic series, and will be available in two formats - Convention and Diamond (regular comic shop edition).

Due to the unexpected positive response to their April Fools Day comic pages, they will be looking at doing some minicomics or short stories from that universe. The first will be called 'Dungeons and Dinobots.

There will be a Nightbeat comic to go with the Nightbeat toy, when it is released middle of this year.

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