15 Years of BotCon - 10 Years for Me
(griffin's 2008 BotCon report)

Friday 11am - Transformers Animated Production Team

Derrick Wyatt - Art Director/Designer, Matt Youngberg - Supervising producer, Marty Isenberg - Writer.

Season 3 has not yet been green-lighted, despite the success of the show so far, and the amount of time since season 2 had been completed.
Of the remaining episodes of season 2:
There will be more Decepticon screen time.
See more Cybertron and flashbacks.
Arcee and Soundwave won't be seen.
Nanosec will return.
Waspinator sort of appears, but isn't voiced by Scott McNeill (they suggested that he was not allowed to work in the US).
Fred Willard will be voicing a character (revealed in a later panel as being Swindle).
Oilslick (the motorcycle) will not be seen, but only because the Animated team didn't know about it until the toy was produced (Hasbro wanted to pad out their product line with toys that won't be on the cartoon). Once they saw the toy, they wanted to include it, but will only happen if Season 3 goes ahead.

No comment could be given on Omega Supreme.
Blitzwing's german accent was suggested by the Voice Actor playing him.
They didn't want to answer any questions about Sari, and that we just had to watch what happens about her mysterious past.
For the character of Wreck-Gar, they tried to get Eric Idle, but he was unavailable, so tried the next obvious person - Weird Al Yankovic.
Grimlock will be the only talking Dinobot, because it saves them money by not paying people to fill two very minor roles.
The cartoon is being drawn in Widescreen (and HD), but Cartoon Network can only screen in regular format at this time, and the DVD release will also be regular format. The Animated team were a bit disappointed about this, and hoped that it would be seen in full sometime in the future.
The device known as the Fully Automated Rapid Transit system, was not actually intended to create that acronym, and Marty was only just made aware of it at the panel.
The Allspark will remain unexplained and mysterious, to keep it more interesting. And there will be no Unicron ever.
They mentioned that Animated is set in the 22nd century, for those of us who were wondering.
And they commented on how strict the censors have been, with various words and phrases, like 'slag' took some time to be allowed to use it.  And the phrase 'what the forklift was that?' (in the Constructicon episode I think) had to be changed to 'what the front end loader was that?'.

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