15 Years of BotCon - 10 Years for Me
(griffin's 2008 BotCon report)


Near the entrance to the Dealer Room, was the booth for information and day-pass ticket sales. (photo from BotCon website)

On display at the booth were the Club Store toys - Nightbeat, the Seacons and membership toy for 2009 Topspin.

Also near the entrance were a couple of food stalls (good idea, an absence of convenient food had been a problem in recent years), including one of Cincinnati's 'famous' Skyline Chilli. (photo from BotCon website)

Plus there were the display cases, of various BotCon and Club related items currently available for sale.

Entrance to the dealer room had the Giant Movie Hand, which should have been counting down the second movie, unless the release date that had been floating around was not yet definite.

Some shots of the Dealer Room.

Photo above and below (of the Club Store relocated inside the dealer room) are from the BotCon website.

IDW booth, where they were selling comics.



Hasbro Toy Display part 1 (Animated, Merchandise)
Hasbro Toy Display part 2 (Universe, Crossovers, Movie, Store Exclusives) + complete toy checklist

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