15 Years of BotCon - 10 Years for Me
(griffin's 2008 BotCon report)

Sunday 1pm - Hasbro Design Team

Designers - Aaron Archer, Jared, Steve, Joe, Bill. (photo from BotCon website)

This panel was to mostly explain certain design decisions or 'in-joke' paint apps.

Slides shown:

Animated Seekers in three colour versions, dated 2005.
Animated Prowl colour guide with the stoplight weapon planned from beginning.
Soundwave Animation sheet.
Soundwave Colour guide
Blitzwing Bio and head concept sketches from April 2005.
Angry Archer animation sheet - it was a Cartoon Network in-joke that Aaron didn't know about until after it was included in the cartoon.

Transformers Movie.
Wreckage/Stryker - originally coloured green but changed to snow camo for more variety in product line colours.
Realgear Midnighter XR-4 - Designer Jared chose numbers on watch face to reflect his brother Seth's name and birthday.
Longarm - Orson on the side was Aaron's screen name years ago.
Salvage - Sparkplug and Son on door was inspired by 'Samford and Son' (US TV show) pickup.
Steve was responsible for all the Alternator Numberplates, including the unused Megatron one that would have been on a Cadillac Alternator.

Armada Jetfire done by Aaron, was coincedentally inspired by Michael Bay's Armageddon Movie Shuttle, years before the TFs movie was even being considered.
Armada Hoist - SD74 refers to an unspeakable incident by Hasbro people at a construction site during a Comic Con weekend. Something about playing with a construction vehicle, and maybe causing a lot of damage.
New Universe Silverbolt and Galvatron have '25' on them for the 25th anniversary.
New Stormcloud has 'MM-89' for the year of Micromasters.
**The new Powerglide (and by default, Stormcloud) has inside the chest cavity, a moulded Heart outline, as a nod to the Gen1 episode.

(other small examples were shown to explain the meaning behind various number and letter paint apps, but nothing else too significant).

New Universe Deluxe Acid Storm (green recolour of Classics Starscream) was first intended to be 'Rainmaker', then 'Acid Rain', but neither of those names cleared, so got their third choice, 'Acid Storm'.
Similar trouble with the Walmart exclusive Fracture (recolour of Classics Mirage), as the colour designer Joe was inspired by Gobots/Machine Men Crasher, but couldn't get the name. Also tried Catalyst, which also didn't clear, but were successful with Fracture.

Showed New Universe Silverstreak colour guide sheet to show their initial intention of having the Prowl mould used with the roof lights removed.

Couple more Sneak Peeks.
- Animated Perceptor Robot mode concept drawing shown, which is so new, it was dated April 1st 2008.
- 25th Anniversary Amada Hot Shot with Jolt, uncoloured pre-prototype models, in both modes.

And Universe Ironhide will have snap on hand weapons to reflect the Gen1 cartoon character having tools coming out of the wrists.

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