15 Years of BotCon - 10 Years for Me
(griffin's 2008 BotCon report)

Hasbro Product Display - Part 2
Display cases 5-9 (Universe, Movie, Robot Heroes, Store Exclusives, Crossovers)

Display Case 5.
Universe Deluxe - Tankorr, Prowl.

Universe Deluxe - Sideswipe, Silverstreak, Ironhide, Galvatron.

Universe Deluxe Galvatron (photo from BotCon website)

Universe Legends - (front) Megatron, Jazz, Hound. (back) Starscream.

Universe Ultra - Silverbolt, Powerglide, Onslaught.

Universe Deluxe Sunstreaker, Legends Red Alert, 25th Anniversary Optimus Prime with DVD, Comic, Noise box.

Universe Legends Onslaught, Deluxe Acid Rain, Voyager Blades.

Universe Deluxe Acid Storm.

Universe Voyager - Dropshot, Heavy Load with Drill Bit.

Universe Voyager - Heavy Load with Drill Bit, Blaster with Blockrock.

Display Case 6
Universe Legends 5-packs. US Target exclusives.
Leadership Team - Hotspot, Silverbolt, Scattershot,Hungrr, Razorclaw.
Aerial Rivals Team -Blades, Skydive (G2), Air Raid (Cyberjet), Ramjet, Thurst.

Universe Minicon 12 pack. US Walmart exclusive.
Ransack Team (Brimstone (dragon), Suppressor (firetruck), Blight (motorcycle))
Overcast Team (Boltflash (grey jet), Skyhammer (purple A-10), Cloudraker (helicopter))
Safeguard Team (Flatfoot (policecar), Makeshift (purple musclecar), Heavy Tread (tank))
Landslide Team (Body Block (offroad pickup), Backstop (excavator), Knockdown (dumptruck))

Universe Robot Heroes - assorted Beast Wars, Generation One and Movie figures. Some of the new ones include Sunstreaker, Rattrap, Rumble, Arcee, Waspinator, Optimus Primal, Galvatron, Blackarachnia, Blitzwing, Hound, BW Silverbolt, Transmetal Megatron, BW Megatron, Blaster, Kickback, Rhinox, Thrust, Cheetor, Ironhide.

Above is the left half of shelf, below is the right half.

Titanium Skywarp (SDCC), Nemesis Prime (SDCC), Springer Vs Ratbat (US Target), Roadbuster Vs Dirge (US Target).

Marvel Transformers Crossovers - Ironman, Hulk, Spiderman, Venom.

And Hulk again, in the only photo I could find with it standing up (photo from BotCon website).

Display Case 7

Jetstorm (US TRU), Wingblade (US TRU), Deep Space Starscream (US Target).

Inferno (US TRU), Mudflap (US TRU), (back) Big Daddy (US Walmart), Jolt (US Walmart), Divebomb (US Walmart), Grindcore (US Walmart), (front) Breakaway (US Walmart), Fracture (US Walmart), Crankcase (US Walmart).

Movie Battle Scene packs and Roleplay Blasters

Display Case 8.
Movie Premium series - Ironhide, Barricade, Bumblebee, Jazz, (second shelf) Blackout, Optimus, Megatron.  All out now.

Movie FABs and Slammers.

Display Case 9.
Movie Deluxes, Voyagers, Leaders, Legends 2-packs.

Bonus wrap-up of future toys revealed at BotCon 08.

These are only the items mentioned or displayed somewhere during BotCon this year, with their US assortment release dates.

Bumblebee - Deluxe Autobot
Lockdown - Deluxe Decepticon
Optimus Prime - Deluxe Autobot
Prowl - Deluxe Autobot
Bulkhead - Voyager Autobot
Megatron - Voyager Decepticon
Starscream - Voyager Decepticon
Optimus Prime Vs Megatron - Voyager 2-pack Auto Vs Decep
Autobot Ratchet - Deluxe Autobot
Blackarachnia - Deluxe Decepticon
Optimus Prime - Voyager Autobot
Soundwave w/ Laserbeak
Snarl - Deluxe Autobot
Autobot Jazz - Deluxe Autobot
Oilslick - Deluxe Decepticon
Lugnut - Voyager Decepticon
Grimlock - Voyager Autobot
Megatron - Voyager Decepticon
Bulkhead - Voyager Autobot
Rollout Command Optimus Prime - Super Autobot
Bumblebee - Activators Autobot
Bulkhead - Activators Autobot
Starscream - Activators Decepticon
Bumblebee - Bumper Battlers Autobot
Autobot Ratchet - Bumper Battlers Autobot
Optimus Prime - Bumper Battlers Autobot
Cyberspeed Bumblebee - Power Bots Autobot
(Shiftech Optimus Prime Game)
Sentinel Prime - Deluxe Autobot
Swoop - Deluxe Autobot
Elite Guard Bumblebee - Deluxe Autobot
Ultra Magnus - Ultra Autobot
Lockdown - Activators Decepticon
Autobot Ratchet - Activators Autobot
Optimus Prime - Activators Autobot
Autobot Jazz - Bumper Battlers Autobot
Optimus Prime - Bumper Battlers Autobot
Optimus Prime Battle Blaster - Autobot
Blitwing - Voyager Decepticon
Patrol Bumblebee - Activators Autobot
Blurr - Autobot
Swindle - Decepticon
Prowl w/ sidecar armour - Autobot
Lockdown redeco - Deluxe Decepticon
Scrapper - Decepticon
Mixmaster - Decepticon
Skywarp - Voyager Decepticon
Shockwave - Decepticon
Wreck-Gar - Autobot
Arcee - Autobot
Jetfire & Jetstorm - Voyager 2-pack Autobot
Perceptor - Autobot

Tankor - Deluxe Decepticon
Prowl - Deluxe Autobot
Sunstreaker - Deluxe Autobot
Autobot Blaster w/ Blockrock - Voyager Autobot
Decepticon Heavyload w/ Drillbit - Voyager Decepticon
Powerglide - Ultra Autobot
Onslaught - Ultra Decepticon
Silverbolt - Ultra Autobot (late august)
Onslaught - Legends Decepticon
Red Alert - Legends Autobot
Starcream - Legends Decepticon
Galvatron - Deluxe Decepticon
Acid Storm - Deluxe Decepticon
Decepticon Dropshot - Voyager Decepticon
Autobot Blades - Voyager Autobot
Stormcloud - Ultra Decepticon
Autobot Hound - Legends Autobot
Autobot Jazz - Legends Autobot
Megatron - Legends Decepticon
Ironhide - Deluxe Autobot
Sideswipe - Deluxe Autobot
Silverstreak - Deluxe Autobot
BW TM Megatron Vs Silverbolt - Robot Heroes Pred Vs Max
G1 Kickback Vs Ironhide - Robot Heroes Decep Vs Auto
G1 Thrust Vs Blaster - Robot Heroes Decep Vs Auto
Brawn - Legends Autobot
Beachcomber - Legends Autobot
BM Cheetor Vs Tankor - Robot Heroes Max Vs Vehicon
RiD Optimus Vs Megatron - Robot Heroes Auto Vs Decep

25th Anniversary
------December 2008-----
Optimus Prime - Autobot
Hound w/ Ravage - Deluxe Auto w/ Decep
Cyclonus w/ Nightstick - Deluxe Decepticon
Cheetor - Deluxe Autobot
Hotshot w/ Jolt - Deluxe Autobot

Store Exclusives
Jetfire - Ultra Autobot (TRU)
Jetstorm - Ultra Decepticon (TRU)
Deep Space Starscream - Voyager Decepticon (Target)
Inferno - Voyager Autobot (TRU)
Mudflap - Voyager Decepticon (TRU)
Nemesis Prime - VOyager Decepticon (SDCC)
Skywarp - Titanium 6inch Decepticon (SDCC)
Breakaway - Deluxe Autobot (Walmart)
Crankcase - Deluxe Decepticon (Walmart)
Fracture - Deluxe Decepticon (Walmart)
War Within Grimlock - Titanium 6inch Autobot (TRU)
War Within Prowl - Titanium 6inch Autobot (TRU)
Minicon 12-pack (Kmart)
-Ransack Team (Brimstone (dragon), Suppressor (firetruck), Blight (motorcycle))
-Overcast Team (Boltflash (grey jet), Skyhammer (purple A-10), Cloudraker (helicopter))
-Safeguard Team (Flatfoot (policecar), Makeshift (purple musclecar), Heavy Tread (tank))
-Landslide Team (Body Block (offroad pickup), Backstop (excavator), Knockdown (dumptruck))
Leadership Team 5-pack (Target)
-Hotspot - Legends Autobot
-Silverbolt - Legends Autobot
-Scattershot - Legends Autobot
-Hungrr - Legends Decepticon
-Razorclaw - Legends Decepticon
Aerial Rivals 5-pack (Target)
-Blades - Legends Autobot
-Skydive (G2) - Legends Autobot
-Air Raid (Cyberjet) - Legends Autobot
-Ramjet - Legends Decepticon
-Thurst - Legends Decepticon
Springer Vs Ratbat - Voyager Auto Vs Deluxe Decep (Target)
Dirge Vs Roadbuster - Voyager Decep Vs Deluxe Auto (Target)
Marvel Crossovers - August

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