15 Years of BotCon - 10 Years for Me
(griffin's 2008 BotCon report)

Friday 10am and Saturday 4pm - IDW Comics
(combined page of info from both panels)

IDW team - Marcello Materi, Jim Sorenson, Denton Tipton (editor), Simon Furman (writer), Alex Milne (artist), Chris Mowry, Marty Isenberg (Animated writer).

They want to steer clear of gender issues (like Arcee) in future, as it has now been dealt with, and has already had conflicts (Megatron Origin comic - artist added them in without knowing about the Arcee story contradicting their usage).

Spotlight Wheelie for June, art by Klaus Scherwinski, and written by Furman and Klaus. Reflector will finally appear in the Wheelie Spotlight.

'Revelations' will be a quartet of Spotlights:
- Cyclonus, art EJ Su, writer S Furman, Jun.
- Hardhead, art Nick Roche, writer S Furman, Jul.
- Doubledealer, art Dan Khanna, writer S Furman, Aug.
- Sideswipe, details not mentioned.

Spotlight Doubledealer will follow on from elements of the Hot Rod Spotlight.
Spotlight Hardhead will follow on from elements of the Nightbeat Spotlight.

The 'Original 13' Characters, could possibly be used in 2009.
'All Hail Megatron' Comic will have no Autobots on Earth - 12 issues, art Guido Guidi, writer Shane McCarthy.
No more Evolutions comics planned.
No Beast Wars or Robots in Disguise comics planned either.
UK (movie) comic will eventually all be reprinted by IDW. 'Twilight's Last Gleaming' is an alternate reality set after the Movie, in which the Decepticons won.
Furman is working on a Dinobot project, to follow on from the Grimlock Spotlight being set for release in October.
Characters Galvatron, Cyclonus, Jhiaxus, Nemesis Prime are all Undead Transformers, but see the Cyclonus Spotlight for more on it.

Transformers Animated Comic - to be 5 issues starting from August. Original stories, but within continuity of Season 1 of the cartoon. First issue (The Arrival) will actually be a retelling of the opening 'Movie' from a Decepticon perspective. To be written by Marty Isenberg, who is writing all of the Animated episodes, so shouldn't have any continuity issues. Art by Dario Brizuela, who is new to IDW.

Question about Circuit Breaker in the Generations reprint comic. IDW and Marvel couldn't come to an agreement on here usage, so all panels with her in it have to be removed, and narration has to be put in it's place. The Titan reprints from a few years ago didn't have the same problem because they were a European publication.

Transformers Movie Sequel - Reign of Starscream, a 5 issue series from April 30. Written by Chris Mowry and Chris Rayal. Art by Alex Milne.  First issue is from Starscream's perspective of Movie events.

A second volume of the Ark, covering Headmasters to Generation 2 was shown.
Best of UK - Timewars was also shown.

They also showed a short slide show covering the All Hail Megatron comic, with covers for the first two issues, interior art and promo pics.

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