15 Years of BotCon - 10 Years for Me
(griffin's 2008 BotCon report)

Saturday Night Dinner

Earlier in the day I looked into the room as it was being set up. The cream coloured dividing wall (panel room on the other side) was opened up for the dinner.

Then in the evening, just a little after 7pm, we were confronted with one heck of a queue.  Fortunately being late, we were only waiting about 10 minutes before we started to file in.

Inside the dinner room, there were Casino tables, food tables (most were help yourself), the auction area (panel room section), and the balloon table.

This was the balloon table (kinda obvious I know, but bare with me). Each person got in their pre-reg pack a token for $25,000 in chips, and the only way you could get more (other than winning at the casino tables) was by buying a balloon for $20.  Inside each balloon was a piece of paper that either had a chip amount (some were $100,000 and $25,000) or a 'pick a prize' - the prizes on the shelving were various BotCon toys.  One person got a BotCon 2006 Megatron for $20.

The next two photos are from the BotCon website.

Below is Saintly and and his son Timothy at one of the Blackjack tables.

Apparently there was bingo held somewhere as well, but I didn't know about it or see it.

The Auction area.

Banners and store displays up for auction.

And all the BotCon toys and assorted goodies for auction as well.

At 9.45pm, the gaming tables were closed, and anyone with any chips left had to get a receipt for them from the dealer or table operator.  That value was their bid value in the auction later.  Saintly was lucky and the Takara Designer whom he was sitting next to, gave Saintly all his winnnings. In comparisson, I managed to lose everything on a Poker table (by the time I was able to get a seat at a table, everyone left there had huge reserves and bet big, so I was out in about four hands).

Before the Auction, we had a welcome by Hasbro's Greg Lombardo. (photo from BotCon website)

Next up was the Script Reading, featuring the three Voice Actors, doing their various Animated roles, and Marty Isenberg as Megatron. Plus the two winners of the fan-script reading competition, Anna and Chris. Photo below is from the BotCon website.

The story was called 'Bee in the City', and was set in the 'new' Transtech universe of the Club Magazine.

Up next, Brian did the presentation of awards, starting with the fan voted website (popularity) awards.
Best News website - Seibertron.
Best Web resource - TFW2005
Best Web Design - TFW2005

Then the Trivia contest award to the TF Wiki Team.
The Fan Film contest award to Silas for 'Sector 7' entry.
The Art Contest winners were then announced, the top three of each of the five categories. I didn't catch who won the 2D B&W art category, but all the other first prize winners are noted on the Art Contest photo section of the Dealer Room page.

Finally for the night, the Auction began at 10.40pm.  Saintly managed to pick up a few items with his huge 'winnings', before I had to go back to the room early once again, because I was literally falling asleep.  Saintly said that the Auction went until about 12.20am, because there was just so much stuff to get rid of.

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