My 10th year of BotCon
(griffin's 2009 BotCon report)

Activision panel - Saturday May 30 - 11am

Panelists - Shawn (Multiplayer Designer), Justin (Art Director), Joey (Creative), Jason (Producer), Tyler (Brand Manager).

Part of a company called Luxoflux.

The new Transformers Game for the TF2 movie, will have 5 'unique' games produced for it (instead of the one game made for different platforms), all developed independantly at the same time.
- Xbox 360, PS3 (with multiplayer modes)
- Wii, PS2 (Australian company, Melbourne House/Chrome Studios), was involved in the development of this version, which is ironic because the PS2 version won't even be released here)
- DS Autobot
- DS Decepticon

10 characters to use, and 2 later in the game.  Unfortunately, they couldn't work in a way of being able to play as Devastator without it being an unfair advantage.
Characters were designed to have flaws and strengths to make it fairer, but tried to follow as closely as possible to their official abilites (hence the reason why Devastator isn't a playable character).

Game basically follows the Movie, but from a Robot perspective instead of a Human one.
Includes some music from the Movie score.

They looked over the past games, to do a better job this time.
Over 500 people are involved in some way on these Game versions.

Voice Cast.
Peter Cullen - Optimus
Frank Welker - Megatron
Charlie Adler - Starscream
Mark Ryan - Bumblebee
Jess Harnell - Ironhide
Robert Foxworth - Ratchet
Megan Fox - Mikeala
Shia Lebouf - Sam
John Demaggio - Sideways

The game is expected to take 6-8 hours to complete the main levels, but longer to completely finish it.

An online viral challange is planned, in which there will be characters out there in the online environment that are tagged, and if you defeat them, you get the tag until someone else finds and defeats you.

Unlockable content - 5 Gen1 characters, 6 Gen1 cartoon episodes, Concept Art.
Downloadable content will include characters from all generations.

PS2 will be a 2-player, as opposed to the single player of the 2007 game.

Panel ended with screening of 3 trailers - Autobot themed Game trailer, Decepticon themed Game trailer, and the interview with Peter Cullen and Frank Welker.

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