My 10th year of BotCon
(griffin's 2009 BotCon report)

Transformers Animated Cartoon Voice Actor panel - Saturday May 29th - noon

Panelists - Weird Al Yankovic (voice of Wreckgar), David Kaye (voice of Optimus, Grimlock)


David - awed and honoured by Weird Al at Animated recording sessions.

David - has a habit of doing Megatron over the past 10 years, so didn't expect to get the role of Optimus in the Animated series.

Weird Al - thrilled when asked to do Animated, was a bit of a fan

David - Watched the 1986 movie for inspiration on how to do the role of Animated Grimlock.

Weird Al was asked about how he does his parody songs.
- Peruses music charts for ideas
- thinks of a wacky idea
- seeks permission (although not required)
- writes lyrics
- records song and shoots a video for it

Improvisation - Weird Al followed the script, while David mostly did as well.

The pair did some roleplaying of their characters.

Bizarre autograph requests
Weird Al - did one on someone's body, and they had it tattooed.
David - autographed someone's baby that morning.

David - favourite TFs series so far is Animated, and favourite character he has voiced is Beast Wars Megatron.

Highlight of Weird Al's career has been a guest appearance on the Simpsons.

David has a role in Pixar's 'Up'.

Weird Al - liking BotCon, and would have liked to have worked with the late Orson Welles.


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