My 10th year of BotCon
(griffin's 2009 BotCon report)

Collector Club panel - Saturday May 30 - 3pm

Panelists - Pete Sinclair, Rik Alvarez, Lanny Latham, Brian Savage, Benson Yee, Karl Hartman.

Club (Store) exclusives. (Brian keeps calling them the only Club exclusives of those years, but doesn't seem to realise that Membership toys are also Club exclusives)

2008 - Seacons (sold out) and Nightbeat (not yet sold out, but still considered a success compared to Astrotrain and Airazor)

2009 - Punch/Counterpunch (aiming for 2009, but expect it to be a 2010 release)
Universe Sideswipe/Sunstreaker mould with a new head, and will feature in the 2010 Club Comic.
2009 - (yet to be revealed, but is a larger mould)

Brian wanted to do 2 (store) exclusives per year until he met Takara (process is so frustratingly difficult).

Development process for the BotCon 2009 set.

The Box


Early colours for Razorclaw.

Scourge wax head sculpt.

Scourge colour guide.

Sourge mould charts for colour placements and types of plastics for each mould tree.


Kup colour guide.

Leozak colour guide.

Landshark colour guide.


Brian asked the audience what they thought of the Sweep 3-pack, and if there was any support for another Seacon release (because the first run managed to sell out).  He suggested 3 ways of doing a second release - another colour scheme, glow-in-the-dark, or original Gen1 colours.  The small audience had mixed support for each idea, and a positive response wouldn't guarantee anything happening anyway.

Membership toys - The next 3 to 5 will be related.

Year 1-5 Club Comic has a compilation planned.

There are currently about 2700 members in the Official Club.

Question about the Membership toys' Combiner name (Nexus Maximus) was asked. (I actually had to look it up later, to find out what the deal with name was)
Apparently, the Club submitted two names to Hasbro for their approval (Prime Nexus, Maximus Prime), but Hasbro rejected both because they don't like to easily give out permission to use the name 'Prime'.  Hasbro Legal recommended another name that utilised both submissions - Nexus Maximus - after doing the usual internet searches to see if there was any existing ownership of the name. Unfortunately for them, their corporate policy for internet usuage meant that their internet-filters prevented them from realising that the name was already in use by a particular erotic toy.
By the time it was realised, the name had already been applied to the product. And now when anyone does a search on that character name, they will come up with a mix of adult and childrens toy results.

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