My 10th year of BotCon
(griffin's 2009 BotCon report)

Collector Club Magazine Panel - Friday May 29 - 9am.

Panelists - Pete Sinclair, Forrest Lee, Lanny Latham, Trent Troop, Greg Sepalak, Dan Khanna.

(the lighting in the panel room was really bad for cameras - too dark for no flash, too light for a flash to work. Or maybe it was just my camera...)

5th Anniversary of the Collector Club.

Slides shown:
-Magazine Features - Interviews, Hasbro Previews, Animated Techspecs, 25th Anniversary articles, Profiles.
-Mirror Quintesson (for their mirror universe story) called Aquarius, a hippy with 5 faces of compassion, joy, love, peace and satisfaction.
-Mirror Computron coloured as Abominus.

-Mirror Universe villian 'Omega Doom' (Omega Supreme).
-Another 7 Shattered Universe prose stories on the Club website, including:
Dungeons and Dinobots (I thought this one was done last year), Do over, Eye in the sky, Transhuman, Blitzwing Bop, Ultimate Salvation, (plus a bonus story at the end of the year)

BotCon 2009 story 'Wings of Honor' will be available through Diamond/Previews with a different cover, like previous years.

The Club Panel tomorrow will reveal the next two Club store toys.

The club Forum software won't see any upgrades as they plan to replace it entirely eventually.

Nexus Maximus - there's a funny story (which I only found out at the convention), but will talk about it on the Club Panel report.

The five Membership figures that combine into Nexus Maximus are from different allegiences, but the combined figure is not alligned to either side. It is one of the first 13 created by Primus, and is inherantly good, but not an Autobot.

Razorclaw convention toy is from the 2006 BotCon comic.

Movie toy moulds still off limits.

Prose stories on the website with Heatwave in them, fit midway into this year's club comic.

2005 Membership toy (Skyfall) now sold out.

Wanted to do a Seacons story, but didn't/couldn't.

Mirror Universe started out as an idea for their GIJoe exclusives, but talking it through, found that it was better suited for Transformers.

Rik Alvarez came in late to talk about the Convention comic.
The extra 'seeker' jets in the Convention comic were Hooligan (yellow/orange - with Leozak and Skyquake), Hellbat (blue/yellow - gets eaten), Guyhawk (red/white - with Banzai-Tron).
They don't plan to release any of those three jets as toys.
The comic is set in a cartoony-esque universe, but not actually in the cartoon universe (the story has both cartoon and comic elements, so can't be slotted into either neatly).

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