My 10th year of BotCon
(griffin's 2009 BotCon report)


As usual, one of the main features of the convention is the Dealer Room. And not just for all the toys for sale.  In recent years, the current administration had been utilising the room for official displays in addition to the regular Hasbro booth, which itself was the biggest ever display at BotCon.

From the entrance.

Along one section were booths for official product, guests, and artists hocking their stuff to the fans.

IDW artist Marcelo Matere.

Long time Fan and part time artist for official sources, Dan Khanna (left).

IDW Comics booth (The first booth I go to in recent years for my annual catchup of Comics at cheaper US Retail prices).

Shout Factory Booth, promoting their upcoming release of the original series on DVD (they acquired the licence from Rhino).

The complete box set.

IDW artist Alex Milne.

Voice Actor Gregg Berger (voice of Gen1 Grimlock, Outback, Skyfire).

Fan Artist and contributor to the Official Club Magazine, Matt Moylan.

New Guitar Hero edition with Transformers-related song 'The Touch'.

Activision game centre - several people could be playing the new TF2 game at the same time.

Later in the weekend when it was up and running.

Drawing in a crowd of onlookers.

Returning from its first BotCon appearance in 2007 is the Optimus Prime truck from the Transformers Movies.  It would be the first of three Autobots to make a cameo appearance at BotCon 2009.



For the full coverage of the toy display within the Hasbro booth, go here.

A massive booth this year, with more than just the usual toy display cabinets and Q&A desk. This year there were activities, games, competitions, drawing classes and sample toys to play with.


The activity area, and sample toys.

Q&A desk.

Drawing classes area.




And the play area, for people to try before they buy.
(photo from botcon website)
(photo from botcon website)
(photo from botcon website)
(photo from botcon website)

Drawing guide cards for the Drawing classes.

Mini-posters being given away, with an action pose on one side...

...and a product range checklist on the other (for the first 3 waves).


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