My 10th year of BotCon
(griffin's 2009 BotCon report)

Friday Night Panel Room Events - May 29 - 8.30pm to after midnight.

The first evening event in the panel room was Shout Factory preview of their documentary 'bonus feature' to their DVD release.  They also gave away 3 Box sets to those with lucky tickets stuck to the base of their seats (which was funny to watch as people rushed around the room searching all the empty seats for the remaining tickets).

Next up was the fan film fest, which had 6 entries this year.
- Mr Potato Head Vs the Transformers
- The Great Debate
- Barbie Vs the Transformers
- Megatron goes Green
- Transformers Generation 1 (the winner)
- BotCon and Me

The last fan film was actually a set up for one of the attending fans to propose to his girlfriend. (which was actually the first of 2 proposals that weekend)

And yes, she said 'yes'...

Then we watched Stan's new video clip for 'The Touch' that he did up recently, plus Vince's new music video clip 'Invasion of the Machines' which just featured a collage of clips from movies with robots and machines in them.

Following this we saw the Movie Game trailer, a Hasbro toy ad, a BotCon ad, and the full Movie Trailer that was released last month.

At 10pm was the 'highlight' of the evening - MSTF, hosted by fans Greg, David and Trent.

Within 10 minutes of this acquired taste humour, most of the audience had left, including a few of those in our group who had had enough for the day.
Actually, the rest of us left after 20 minutes and just hung around outside the panel room, as each of us left to go home or to our rooms.

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