My 10th year of BotCon
(griffin's 2009 BotCon report)

Hasbro Designers panel (plus special guest) - Sunday May 31st - 11am

Panelists - Bill Rawley, Eric Siebenaler, Joe Kyde.

As with the Saturday Hasbro panel, no photos were allowed once they started.

Slideshow first.

- Human Alliance Skids with Arcee and Mikaela (prototype)
- Commemorative Series reissues Insecticons and Perceptor (missile launcher is spring-less)

- Animated Arcee (colour and grey prototypes) (wings are removeable)
- Animated Rodimus (colour and grey prototypes)
- Animated Cybertronian Ratchet (colour and grey prototypes) (comes with electro paddles, and is still compatible with Lockdown's EMP blaster)
- Animated Hydrodive Bumblebee (colour and grey prototypes, without exosuit)
- Animated Blackout (colour and grey prototypes) (based on the Movie Blackout, which is why it has an Earth mode instead of its Cartoon form)
- Animated Wingblade Optimus (comes with 6 parts - 2 arms, 2 guns, wings, hammer - that can fit both Deluxe and Voyager versions of Optimus)

- Movie Brakedown (new mould with Gen1 colours - Decepticon)
- Movie Skystalker (black stealth jet - Decepticon)
- Movie Scattorshot (looks a bit like Energon Landquake)
- Ratchet (deluxe size)
- Lockdown (deluxe size - same colours and basic appearance as the Animated toy, and also comes with an EMP blaster that is compatible with the new Deluxe Ratchet)
- Drift (sketch stage only)
- Jungle Attack Ironhide (Voyager - with new weapons that the new Scouts can use)
- Bludgeon (Voyager - tank with sword and dagger) (fans really love the look of this new toy)
- Starscream (Leader class)
- Barricade w/ Frenzy (Human Alliance)

Half way through this panel, Aaron Archer appeared and announced that a special guest had arrived, and would crash the Hasbro panel.
Through the doorway stepped Tyrese Gibson, who played Sergeant Epps from the Transformers Movies.
As he walked in, people in the room started chanting 'left cheek, left cheek, left cheek'.
When he sat down at the panel table and the audience was quiet, he responded with 'in this movie, it's the right cheek'.

Tyrese talks up the movie a lot, all the time. He's a real fan of the franchise now.
He even got a tattoo of the Autobot symbol on his right forearm - something he has never done for any previous movie or project.

Even though he was at the Paramount Party the night before, he was really sick, to the point of having to go to hospital after the party. But he wanted to spend some time at the convention today, no matter how bad he felt. (what a trooper)

He didn't want to spoil anything from the new movie, but did mention that his character was promoted to Master Sergeant now.
He talked a bit about the training he did for the role, and spoke highly of Shia as an actor.

One thing he mentioned was how much he loved the new Corvette Stingray, but didn't get the privilige to use it.  He did say how he accidentally scratched it by leaning against it with his rifle-prop, but (until now) no one noticed.

Tyrese has worked as an actor, singer and comic.

The panel wrapped up with people crowding around Tyrese for autographs and photos.


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