My 10th year of BotCon
(griffin's 2009 BotCon report)


There were 16 display cases at the Hasbro Booth.

Display Case 1 - 25 Years of Transformers, featuring the past and present of Unicron and Soundwave toys.
Display Case 2 - Transformers Product Development, featuring Human Alliance and Gravity Bot Bumblebee toys.

Display Case 3 - Universe and Mighty Muggs.
Display Case 4 - Animated (future product).

Display Case 5 - Animated (released product).
Display Case 6 - TF2 Movie Fast Action Battlers.

Display Case 7 - Non-toy, licensed merchandise.
Display Case 8 - TF2 Movie Gravity Bots, Robot Heroes, Powerbots, Mr Potato Head.

Display Case 9 - Store exclusives.
Display Case 10 - TF2 Movie Legends, Robot Replicas.

Display Case 11 - TF2 Movie BattleChargers, RPMs Minivehicles, Radio Controlled vehicles.
Display Case 12 - TF2 Movie Combiner Class Devastator.

Display Case 13 - TF2 Movie Leader Class.
Display Case 14 - TF2 Movie Deluxe Class (early waves).

Display Case 15 - TF2 Movie Deluxe Class (later waves), Scouts.
Display Case 16 - TF2 Movie Voyager Class.

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