My 10th year of BotCon
(griffin's 2009 BotCon report)

Hasbro product review panel - Saturday May 30th - 1pm

Double length 2-hour panel.

Panelists - Greg Lombardo (Senior Marketting), Aaron Archer (Senior Design Director), Eric Seibenaler (Senior Designer), Bill Rawley (Senior Product Designer), Joe Kyde (Designer), Forest Lee (Writer), Mike Blalock (Product Marketting).

Began with a slideshow of future product (no photos allowed).

Store Exclusives
- 6-inch Titanium redecos, Target exclusive, Optimus, Thrust, Hotzone (Hotspot)
- Commemorative Series Insecticons (3-pack), Toys R Us.
- Commemorative Series Perceptor, Toys R Us.
- Masterpiece Skywarp, Walmart.
- ROTF Battle pack (blue Soundwave, light blue TF07 Voyager Megatron), Toys R Us.
- ROTF red redeco The Fallen, Target.

(Intend for a 2009-2010 release of the remaining figures, but no scheduling is definite yet)
- Electro Soundwave w/ Ratbat (Deluxe Decep)
- Arcee (Deluxe Auto)
- Rodimus Major (Deluxe Auto)
- Cybertronian Ratchet (Deluxe Auto)
- Ironhide (Cyb Ratchet redeco with new head) (Deluxe Auto)
- Fugitive Waspinator (Bumblebee redeco) (Deluxe Auto) (they wanted a new head, but axing of the line prevented the expense)
- Goldfire Grimlock (redeco) (Voyager Auto)
- Hydrodive Bumblebee (new smaller Bumblebee) (Voyager Auto)
- Blackout (Earth mode) (Voyager Decepticon)
- Wingblade Optimus (Deluxe version with parts) (Voyager Auto)
- Thundercracker (redeco) (Voyager Decep)

TF2 ROTF (concepts and Prototype figures)
- Wheelie (Legends)
- Soundwave (Legends)
- Breakdown (Scout - car)
- Skystalker (Scout - jet)
- Scattorshot (Scout - armoured assault vehicle)
- Lockdown (Deluxe - same vehicle form as in Animated)
- Ratchet (Deluxe - smaller version)
- Dirge (Deluxe - Harrier, with a conehead)
- Jungle Attack Ironhide (Voyager - redeco with new accesories and minor remoulding)
- Bludgeon (Voyager - Tank, and very Gen1 looking)
-Barricade w/ Frenzy (Human Alliance)


Universe - Not until 3rd quarter 2010, and probably only Deluxes at first. The extended Movie-line will run until 2nd quarter 2010, so nothing before that runs its course.

Third Movie bike was planned, but nothing confirmed yet as an actual toy.

Drift - answer in tomorrow's panel.

New series on a new network meant no room for Animated, or support for continued development of its product line.

Masterpiece Grimlock should be released in 12-18 months by Hasbro.

Robot Heroes - No more Gen1 figures in the foreseeable future.

TF2 Devastator - prioritised the combined mode for the boxed set, and prioritised convertability for the individual toys.

No animated Deluxe Cliffjumper because of the Activator.

TF2 Bikes (Arcee, Chromia and unamed 3rd) were originally designed to combine as toys, but the concept was then later dropped from happening in the movie itself.

No plans for any 'Base-formers' (like Metroplex) for at least the next couple of years.

They are in the process of replacing twist-ties and reducing packaging size over the next year, as part of their 'going green' strategy.

JP Legends Devastator - they want to release it as an exclusive some time in 2010.

The next Leader Class toys after Jetfire - no Blackout, and 'no comment' on Starscream.

Mighty Muggs - no current plans for the release of the 3rd wave (Jazz, Shockwave), as they are on hold until they can find a (retailer) home for them.

Is there 6 or 7 Construticons? - Couldn't comment because it was a plot element in the (as yet unreleased) Movie.

Upcoming Robot Heroes Alt-mode figurines (in the Battle Scene packs) are a test to see their popularity.

Hasbro's stand on Unnofficial stuff (Fan-made and unauthorised items) - As more are being developed, some items are going too far, infringing on Hasbro's Intellectual Property, and they are looking at it more now. (but like the counterfiet/knockoffs problem, nothing will probably be done about it)

Animated Cyclonus - wasn't going to happen once the Universe one was on the drawing board.

Will all Movie Constructicons be released as toys? - no.

Universe Red Alert toy - no plans at this time.

The Swine Flu scare prevented the annual attendance of Takara guests this year.

The Animated Character 'Yokitron' was named after one of the JP designers.

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