My 10th year of BotCon
(griffin's 2009 BotCon report)

IDW Comics panel - Saturday May 30th - 10am

Panelists - Chris Mowry (writer), Nick Roche (art/writer), Denton (editor), Andrew Schmidt (editor/writer), Casey Coller (art), Robby Musso (art), Mike Costa (writer), Jim Sorenson (writer).
(some names or spelling might be wrong)

Panel started with a slide show, and we were allowed to take photos.

Starting with the Movie Adaptations.

Compilations of the prequels.

And the (first) follow up mini-series, of six monthly parts - each focussing on one character.



A couple more UK comic reprints, including an Omnibus (which would be fairly big, probably covering all of the UK reprints so far done by IDW).

The Animated series Almanac, with every animation model from the cartoon that they could get their hands on (up to the end of the second season).

Character bios of each character (from the perspective of another character from the show).

Plus episode guide, scenes and locations featured in the cartoon, plus various technical animation info.

A combined reprint of both volumes of 'The Ark', with a bonus 10-12 pages.

Sample pages for those new to The Ark books.


More Spotlights.


Including this one, which was drawn to have each 2-page spread acting as a single page (to emphasise the sheer size of this character).

(I didn't realise until later that this shot ended up catching the change of slides, so looks double-exposed)


The final issue of the All Hail Megatron series, by an Australian writer, and an Australian cover artist (Hutchinson).


And an odd addition to the 12-part series, either to wrap it up earlier than initially planned (by being less than a multiple of 6), or to extend it to meet demand for an ongoing series.



And for the GIJoe fans in the audience, they showed a few quick slides, as it is one of IDW's other major licenses, and one which quite a few TFs fans follow as well.



Then the panel was opened up to questions.

- The '13' comic is no longer on the publishing schedule.
- A Wreckers comic is in the works.
- Coda #15 explains the change in Kup from his Spotlight to AHM.
- There will be a 'creative change' after Coda.
- No GIJoe/TFs crossover, despite IDW now owning both licenses.
- Metroplex will be the last Spotlight for a while, because of the new direction being taken soon.
- No Beast Wars comic in the near future.
- Actually, nothing outside of Gen1 (and Movie Universe) is planned in the near future.
- IDW (as noted in the front of their comics) stands for Idea & Design Works.
- All Hail Megatron Alt-modes were mostly brought back to basics (original forms or current Universe forms) to help sell comics.
- Someone pointed out a plot concept error in the AHM comic, specifically, that the European Union doesn't actually have an army or nuclear weapons.

The panel finished early at about 10.30, as the fans ran out of questions.

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