My 10th year of BotCon
(griffin's 2009 BotCon report)

Music of Transformers - Stan Bush / Vince DiCola - Friday May 29 - 10am.

Panelists - Stan Bush & Vince DiCola.

Straight onto audience questions.

Stan mentions that he's a little deaf...

Neither have ever been to Australia.

Saturday night Concert will have Vince doing some instrumental TFs themes, including some new versions, plus Stan's Band belting out a few classic TFs numbers including the original version of The Touch.

Stan was inspired by the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Motown.
Vince was inspired by Jerry Goldsmith, John Williams, Hans Zimmerman, Don Henley.

Vince's favourite piece from the 1986 score/soundtrack - 'Megatron Must be Stopped' (just after the openning track). Also said his favourite was the 'Legacy' track he did to get the job, but wasn't included in the movie score.

Stan's CDs are/were on sale in the Dealer Room.

Vince - did Rocky 4 just before Transformers, and the producers of TFs wanted something similar to 'Drago's Theme', which is why 'Unicron's Theme' sounds very similar.

Person they most want to play with (dead or alive)
Stan - Paul McCathy
Vince - Keith Emmerson

Weird Al will be at the Saturday concert but not likely to be performing.

Vince only ever wrote lyrics to one song, but the result prompted him to never do it again.

Neither have been approached by the new Movie people, so that they were set apart from the (sound of the) 1986 movie.
They said that Universal owns the rights to the new Movie Soundtracks, which is why we only have certain groups on the new Soundtracks and some even being re-used, because they will only promote their own Universal-signed groups.

'The Touch' in Guitar Hero was released yesterday (29th May). It was also included in two Movie toys (Ultimate Bumblebee and I think the Bumblebee Helmet).
Stan would be demonstating Guitar Hero in the Dealer Room, and fans could try it out as well.

Vince's new 'Invasion of the Machines' musical piece debuts tonight at the convention, but is also on youtube.

Current/future projects:
Stan - new album end of US summer.
Vince - new band project, incorporating a 55 minute music piece that will be released around the end of the year.

The pair seen later that weekend at the convention.

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