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Matt Tieger (Activision Game Director), Aaron Archer.

This panel covers the War For Cybertron game, that was just released in the week of the Convention.

Game was in production for 2 years, at High Moon Studios, California.

A game they previously worked on was Lord of the Rings - Two Towers.

They pitched characters and Cybertron setting to Hasbro, including an image of Bumblebee, that didn't end up changing much to become what ended up in the game.
Hasbro made changes to some visual bit and classes, but most of what Activision did, Hasbro liked (to the point that we have some WFC toys).

The Multi-player format was a huge focus with this game (I guess that's where most of the play time will be for those with online access), so they had to balance skills and abilities of individual characters to make it a more level playing-field.
There are 2 campaigns for both fan groups (Autobots and Decepticons) in the single-player format.
Escalation Mode - requires teamwork. (four players to one character?)

Emphasis is on character.  And they didn't see the need to create new TFs characters (other than Zeta Prime I guess), because there are thousands of them out there already.
Zeta Prime was originally called Sentinel Prime, but later changed. (maybe due to the Animated version not being the same 'great lost leader' role, which would be confusing/distracting)

The Story - Hasbro were currently looking at the new story direction with the Brand, exploring the philosophical side of TFs, so it was good timing for Activision to come knocking with their WFC idea.
Exodus book was being planned out as part of this new story direction, so it was then made to parallel the game, but doesn't follow it exactly.

Downloadable Content - a feature that Activision liked because it could allow for heaps of new (classic) characters to be added later.
Many characters were not included in the released format (or current DLC) due to lack of time and/or resources. Like, they wanted to include Triplechangers and Grimlock.

Inspiration for the Activision's Alt-mode designs - Autobot (50's Concept Cars), Decepticons (Muscle Cars).

They used the Gear Of War (and some others) game controls, because they work well, and don't need to redo something that works.

Wii version being different - the coding of the game was not adaptable to the Wii format, so had to create a whole new game.

Other games - if this one is successful, it makes it easier to expand their story options for future TFs games.
This is one new Universe, so characters can be from anywhere, depending on the need.

Hot Rod - named Hotshot in the game (legal reasons I think)

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