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Pete Sinclai (Editor), Greg (Comic writer), Trent (Comic writer), Jesse (writing, letters), Drew Eiden (colours on profiles)

Panel started 20 minutes late due to computer problems, which almost prevented the slide show.

Transformers Collector Club - Year 6 (slideshow)

First strated with promoting the club and magazine, which means this panel should be on Saturday or Sunday, as 95% of the people attending friday, are already members.  A wasted opportunity, preaching to the converted.

Story 'Coming Storm' - about the Elite Guard. (the first of a 3-year storyline for the Club)


Timeline shown, indicating that all the Elite Guard/Animated stories of theirs are in the old Gen1 Universe.

The story 'A Team Effort' is just a tentative title for next year's storyline in the Magazine, as it will feature a combiner team, but they haven't decided which one yet, and want to leave it up to the fans to decide.

More Webstories on the members' only section of the Club Website.


Showed this year's Convention Litho (The Elite Guard), but some characters are not yet named.


Elite Guard Roster shown.
Halo - the real Autobot that Hound based his hologram on in the Gen1 cartoon episode 'Heavy Metal War'.
Recon Team - a yet to be named character, that will be tentatively be refered to as 'Cupcake'. (may end up being called that just for the fun of it)
Artillery Team - 3 characters not yet named.
Next up was commentary on the BotCon Comic.

It is only 23 pages this year, and the Diamond Edition (released to comic stores in November) will have an extra page featuring more on Slicer.

Skybyte's full profile will be released in November (probably in the Club Magazine), which will detail his relationship with the Quintessons.


Elite Guard/Animated Magnum is not Animated Ultra Magnus.

2005 BotCon comic was never re-released through Diamond to comic stores, so when the 2006 BotCon comic was done, it was designated 'Volume 2 - Issue 1', which is why this year's Comic is Issue 5, but is really the 6th FunPub BotCon (Timelines) ncomic.

Pyro was given 3 names - Toy had to be called Spark because they couldn't use Pyro. Comic calls him Pyro, and the character has a middle name (Ignatious), because he was born on Earth and the humans gave him 3 names on his 'birth certificate'.  (something the fanboy writers thought was amusing I guess)

Nexus Prime/Maximus won't be returning in the foreseeable future because Hasbro is currently in the process of using the name.
The character is a single entity now, after the five bots merged.

Slicer/Shattered Glass Wheeljack - they are not the same character, but they painted the Autobot symbol purple just in case the story had to use one or the other.

Skybyte/Gnaw not being part of Gen2 - they had the chance to use the mould and the colours, and jumped on it, so just had to work them into the story.

The Club Panel on Saturday will reveal 2 charcters originally intended for the boxset this year.

Original Theme for this year's convention was Generation 2/European Exclusive Transformers, but the name was too lengthy, so had to be simplified to just Generation 2 (in name only).
(fair enough on the reason - it was just a pity we didn't get any toys of characters that originated/exclusive to Generation 2)

Shattered Glass/Mirrorversse - at least one more story to come
(seemed to be interest from the audience for more)

Wreckers concept - won't be used while IDW is using it.

Jhiaxus - not an option (from Hasbro apparently)

The Pretender Concept doesn't exist yet in their 'Elite Guard' storyline (for characters like Metalhawk).

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