(griffin's 2010 BotCon report)



No Photos, as it was just a presentation of seven submitted films by fans, presented by Lanny and Brian.

Leading up the Midday start, the played a bit of the 2009 Movie (about 5 minutes of it) to pass the time.

Before the entries were shown, they played a couple of 'promo' videos by fans.
First was a documentary a fan has been working on, called 'Transform Me', covering his hobby, his travels around the world because of his hobby (to attend conventions, and meet and interview other fans), and his collection.
Looks like it will be released or aired somewhere in the next year.

The second video was a follow-up to last year's 'hit' crossover story - 'My Little Transformers' (My Little Pony & Transformers).  It was a stop-motion video inspired by BotCon's Mirrorverse theme (featuring a couple of TFs and Ponys).

Onto the competition entries...

1 - Spectrum of Music (stop motion of Animated Soundwave jamming to music)

2 - Transformers Stop-motion Experiance (comedy about 2 fans trying in vain to make a stop-motion video)

3 - Natsumeryu (someone's car being a real live autobot)

4 - Waiting Game (paying out on the frustrating delay of this year's BotCon registration, from the perspective of some TFs toys)

5 - Real World Iacon (CGI clip with adult content - was probably inappropriate for the kids in the audience)

6 - Ironman 2.5 (video of a toy battle)

7 - Transformers GIJoe (CGI clip by DrSmoov)

The winner was announced on Saturday, but for those who can't wait... Video 2 won.

Something called 'Rise of the Fallen' was then played, but I can't remember now what it was - I just have noted that it was set 8 months prior to TF2 movie.
(If I remember it later, I'll edit this page)

(This was the last panel of the day)
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