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(photo from BOTCON website)

From left - Eric Siebenaler, Bill Rawley, Brian (Wilk/Welk), Joe Kyde, Chris Oliverie, Lenny (Panzica/Panzia?), Miyaki Tomoya(?).
All are Designers at Hasbro, while Miyaki (which they refered to as Mr Miyagi) is a TakaraTomy Designer, working at Hasbro for the next couple months.
Aaron Archer joined the panel later.

Panel started with a slide show.

No photos though.

They did say please...

Just about everything had rub signs on their concept art - not sure if they are coming back on the actual toys though.

Legends class
G1 Optimus
G1 Starscream
G1 Prowl
G1 Megatron (proper G1 gun form - can even be held by MP Starscream)
(think WST Megatron size, but Choro-Q chunkiness and anime colouring)

Scout class
Windcharger - Gen1 look to it (red car)

Deluxe Class - Generations
Skullgrin - grey Darkmount redeco with G1 Skullgrin head
Scourge - stealth bomber (similar shape to Gen2 Dreadwing, but smooth like TF2 Skystalker). Robot mode looks very Gen2, to complete the set of three movie Decepticons in Deluxe form.
Cybertronian (WFC) Cliffjumper - Bumblebee redeco and new head (WFC Cliffjumper was the worst kept secret thanks to the instructions)
Thunderwing - similar Gen1 jet mode (like Energon Megatron jet mode) WITH detatchable nose drone, similar to the actual Gen1 Thunderwing toy.
Tracks - Very Gen1 looking in both modes, even has the wings in car mode

Deluxe Class - Autobot Alliance/HFTD
Tomahawk - and a new head design shown for a later redeco
Terradive - also showed new head design for a later redeco
Mindset - Gen2 character (under Jhiaxus) using Hailstorm mould.
Fallback - can't get Outback name, but is that character, using Brawn mould

Deluxe Class - Maybe Generations, maybe AA/HFTD
Gen1 Jazz - Gen1 form in both modes, including pop out speakers like in the cartoon.
Perceptor - Gen1 robot form, half-track vehicle alt-mode. Has shoulder cannon and flip open chest panel like Gen1 form. Redeco planned - Reflector.

(Blue) Fallen - Has a new head (show me your face scene), and will be a darker blue than the one in the display case. Also has the staff from the movie.
Grapple - Universe Inferno mould with crane, new head and feet.
Highbrow - new Autobot twin-propellor plane in display case
Lugnut - similar to what they did with Lockdown, in that it is a Movie version of an Animated character/toy.

PowerCore Combiners
A slide was shown detailing the original pitch/idea, with team ideas including Protectobots, Aerialbots, Combaticons, Stunticons, and even Dinobots!

HeavyTread (Tank) w/ Groundspike (Autobot?)
Skyham(m)er (fighter jet) w/ Airlift (Decepticon)

Steamhammer w/ Constructicons (construction vehicles of different colours)
Grimstone w/ Dinobots!!!! (dinosaurs - Grimstone is a Pachysaur (like JP Beast Wars Hardhead))
(not too Gen1 looking dino modes or colours)

Designer Aaron Archer then arrived and presented their story focus/mythology for the next several years (from where WFC and Exodus were born).

He showed us some of the first 13 (character art - no toys... at least not for a while).
Alpha Trion
Liege Maximo
Vector Prime
Prima (keeper/creator of the Matrix - Warrior of Light)  So huge, that the Matrix is in the hilt of the sword.
Megatronus (face is meant to look like the Decepticon logo - the 'god' that Megatron aspires to become)
The Fallen (once known as Megatronus - maybe the same character?)

The rest are still a mystery (to us fans) at this time.
Each are 'Huge Epic Gods', so if a Toy is ever done for each, it will be big.


An easter egg with the new Battle Ops Bumblebee toy - a button on one of the front wheels, plays the TFs theme-song on the first press, and plays more on the third press.

Someone asked about 3rd party stuff - Hasbro don't keep track of them and don't really care about them.

Lifespan of Generations toyline - unknown at this time (it's not intended to be a filler line like Classics were).

Eric Siebenaler is designing Bulkhead (and maybe other for TF Prime). He is also responsible for the Power Core Combiners toys.
No Prime toys revealed - maybe not planning to release any when the show starts?

One of the designers hinted that there could be a Kup toy soon.  He (Bill) also said that he'd love to do a proper Wheelie toy (we had a Legends figure last year).
Other designers with wish-lists - Lenny wants to do some Dinosaurs, while Chris wants to do Cassettes.

Aaron Archer is now looking at revisiting Beast Wars, because of Dinobot winning the fan-voted Hall of Fame award.

No more WFC toys are planned or expected, as they want to see how succesful the game is first. (which means at least a year minimum for more toys, due to how long it takes to produce TFs)

Power Core Combiner concept is still too early to expand the concept beyond the 2-pack and 5-pack format, just yet.
The limbs can't be made to be articulated while they have the spring-loaded gimmick.

No other combiner-concept toys outside of PCC at this time.

Success of Animated in Japan will not see any new moulds - only moulds created by Hasbro during their Animated era will be released.

The blue Classics/Henkei Bumblebee toy seen on the internet a couple months back is not from Hasbro.

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Congratulations, you've found the second of two Easter Eggs in this report of mine.

The following is a compilation of toy info revealed at this year's BotCon, sorted by series and ordered by their US scheduled release dates.
I've done all the work so that you don't have to, when putting together your checklist for the next six months.

Autobot Alliance Generations
(all Deluxe size - US$13)

- - Wave 1 (June)
Cybertronian Bumblebee (New Auto)
Cybertronian Optimus (New Auto)
Drift (New Auto)
Thrust (Retool Decep)
- - Wave 2 (July)
Cybertronian Megatron (New Decep)
Darkmount (New Decep)
- - Wave 3 (Aug)
Cybertronian Soundwave (New Decep)
Red Alert (Redeco Auto)
- - Wave 4 (Sept)
Dirge (Retool Decep)
Blurr (Retool Auto)
- - Later
Skullgrin (Retool Decep)
Scourge (New Decep)
Cybertronian (WFC) Cliffjumper (Retool Auto)
Thunderwing (New Decep)
Tracks (New Auto)

Autobot Alliance/Hunt for the Decepticons

Legends  (US$5)
- - Wave 1 (June)
Fireblast Optimus Prime (Redeco Auto)
Cyberfire Bumblebee (Redeco Auto)
Ravage (New Decep)
Rampage (New Decep)
- - Wave 2 (July)
Long Haul (New Decep)
Sandstorm (Redeco Auto)
Override (Redeco Decep)
Tracker Hound (Redeco Auto)
-- Wave 3 (Sept)
Duststorm (Redeco Decep?)
Tuner Skids (Redeco Auto)
- - Later
Gen1 Optimus Prime (New Auto)
Gen1 Starscream (New Decep)
Gen1 Prowl (New Auto)
Gen1 Megatron (New Decep)

Scout (US$8)
- - Wave 1 (June)
Hubcap (New Auto)
Brimstone (New Decep)
Crankstart (Redeco Decep)
Backfire (Redeco Auto)
- - Wave 2 (July)
Insecticon (New Decep)
Breacher (New Auto)
Oil Pan (Redeco Decep)
- - Wave 3 (Sept)
Firetrap (Redeco Auto?)
Sunspot (Redeco Decep)
- - Later
Windcharger (New Auto)

Deluxe (US$13)
-- Wave 1 (June)
Ironhide (New Auto)
Jetblade (Redeco Decep)
Ravage (Redeco Decep)
Battleblade Bumblebee (New Auto)
-- Wave 2 (July)
Sidearm Sideswipe (Retool Auto)
Hailstorm (New Decep)
Elita-1 (Redeco Auto)
-- Wave 3 (Aug)
Tomohawk (New Auto)
Terradive (New Decep)
Electrostatic Jolt (Redeco Auto)
-- Wave 4 (Sept)
Rescue Ratchet (Redeco Auto)
Axor (Retool Decep)
- - Later
Mindset (Retool Decep)
Fallback (Retool Auto)
Gen1 Jazz (New Auto)
Perceptor (New Auto)
Reflector (proposed Retool of Perceptor)
?? (proposed retool of Tomahawk)
?? (proposed retool of Terradive)

Voyager (US$20)
- - Wave 1 (June)
Seaspray (New Auto)
Black Ops Ratchet (Redeco Auto)
Payload (Redeco Decep)
- - Wave 2 (July)
Battleblades Optimus Prime (New Auto)
Banzaitron (Redeco Decep)
- - Wave 3 (Sept)
Highbrow (New Auto)
The Fallen (Retool Decep)
- - Later
Grapple (Retool Auto)
Lugnut (New Decep)
Optimus Prime (proposed retool)

Leader (US$45)
- - Wave 1 (June)
Starscream (New Decep)
Optimus Prime (Retool Auto)

Battle Ops Bumblebee (US$60 - June)

Human Alliance (US$30)
- - Wave 6 (already out)
Autobot Jazz w/ Captain Lennox
- - Wave 7 (later)
Sideswipe (black redeco) w/ Mikaela (new version, replacing Epps)

Activators (US$10)
- - Wave 1 (June)
Optimus Prime (New Auto)
Megatron (New Decep)
Bumblebee (New Auto)
- - Wave 2 (July)
Starscream (New Decep)
Ironhide (New Auto)

Powerbots (US$23) (June)
Optimus Prime (New Auto)
Stealth Bumblebee (Redeco Auto)

Roleplay (US$20) (June)
Optimus Prime Cyber Sword

Power Core Combiners

2-packs (US$10)
- - Wave 1 (June)
Huffer w/ Caliburst (New Auto)
Searchlight w/ Backwind (New Auto)
Smolder w/ Chopster (New Decep)
- - Wave 2 (July)
Leadfoot w/ Pinpoint (New Auto)
Sledge w/ Throttler (New Decep)
Icepick w/ Chainclaw (New Decep)
- - Wave 3 (later)
Windburn w/ Darkray (Redeco)
Darkstream w/ Razorbeam (Redeco)
Steelshot w/ Beacon (Redeco)
- - Later
HeavyTread w/ Groundspike (Autobot?)
Skyham(m)er w/ Airlift (New Decep)

5-packs (US$20)
- - Wave 1 (June)
Bombshock w/ Combaticons (New Decep)
Skyburst w/ Aerialbots (New Auto)
- - Wave 2 (July)
Double Clutch w/ Rallybots (New Auto)
Mudslinger w/ Destructicons (New Decep)
- - Wave 3 (later)
Stakeout w/ Protectobots (Redeco Auto)
Crankcase w/ Destrons (Redeco Decep)
- - Later
Steamhammer w/ Constructicons (New Decep)
Grimstone w/ Dinobots (New Auto)


Metal Heroes (US$3)
- - Wave (July)
Optimus Prime
- - Wave (Aug)
-- Wave (Sept)

Double Siders (US$3)
-- Wave (Oct)
-- Wave (Nov)
-- Wave (Dec)

Stunticons (US$3)
- - Wave (Aug)
-- Wave (Sept)
-- Wave (Oct)

Cyberhunt (US$3)
- - Wave (Aug)
-- Wave (Sept)
Optimus Prime
-- Wave (Nov)
-- Wave (Dec)

Robot Riders (US$3)
- - Wave (Aug)
-- Wave (Oct)
-- Wave (Dec)

Revealers (US$3)
- - Wave (Aug)
-- Wave (Sept)
-- Wave (Nov)

- - Wave (July)
- - Wave (Aug)
Optimus Prime

Road Attack (US$3)
- - Wave (Aug)
-- Wave (Sept)
-- Wave (Dec)

2-packs (US$6)
Battle Series 2
- - Wave (Aug)
01 Sideswipe Vs Wreckloose
02 Nightwatch Bumblebee Vs Patrol Barricade
03 Optimus Prime Vs Bonecrusher
-- Wave (Oct)
04 Optimus Prime Vs Desert Long Haul
05 Jetfire Vs Megatron
?? Ironhide Vs Mixmaster

Trackset (US$25)
Bumblebee (Vs Megatron) Track set (Aug)

Stealth Force Basic (spring-release conversion, manual conversion to vehicle mode) (US$10)
- - Wave 1 (Aug)
Autobot Hound
- - Wave 2 (Oct)

Stealth Force Deluxe (button activated auto-convertion in one direction, pull the ring-tab to convert back) (US$15)
- - Wave 1 (Aug)
Autobot Gears.
- - Wave 2 (Oct)

Stealth Force Optimus Prime (auto converts both ways electronically) (US$25 - Aug)

Lights & Sounds (US$10 - June)
Optimus Prime
Autobot Skids

Deluxe Lights & Sounds (US$20 - June)

Store Exclusives

Mighty Muggs
Prowl (SDCC/July - US$15)

Gen1 Reissues
Blaster w/ Steeljaw, Ramhorn, Eject (SDCC/July - US$50)
Decepticon Piranacon (G1 Seacons) (Soon - US$50)

Autobot Alliance
Constructicon Devastator (Gen1 green, no purple)  (Oct - US$30)
Rampage Among the Ruins (Rampage & Ravage vs Bumblebee) (?? - US$??)
Sideways Sneak Attack (Legends Arcee, Elita-1, Chromia Vs Sideways) (Oct - US$20)
Bombing Run Battle (Bumbebee Vs Grindor) (Aug - US$15)
Desert Ruins Brawl (Brawl Vs Jolt) (Aug - US$15)
Masterpiece Grimlock (Soon - US$60)

Cybertronian Ironhide (TRU/Aug - US$13)
Animated Rodimus Minor (TRU/Aug - US$13)