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(wasn't until later that I realised this was the best photo I had of this panel)

From left - Jeff Kline (Executive Producer for Transformers Prime), Mike Vogal (Hasbro, Boys Action 'something'), Aaron Archer (and Eric, which I think was just talking to the others before the panel started)

Hasbro's Greg Lombardo welcomed us to the convention, introduced the people on this panel, and told us...


Because this was the first official public reveal of Transformers: Prime.

This was the panel for discussion about the new Hasbro TV network venture, which is including a new Transformers show in the initial lineup (Transformers: Prime)

About a year ago, Hasbro formed Hasbro Studios, to be more involved in 'their' TV shows (shows that 'advertise' their toy products).

TFPrime is going to be a full CG (computer generated) show, with 26 episodes so far planned (but more if it does well).
They are aiming for a Fall release (Spring in our part of the world), but none of the CG modes have been done/completed yet.

The writers of the 2007 Movie and 2009 Movie (Orci and Kurtzman) are writers of this series - apparently they jumped at the chance.

The show starts on Earth.
The Autobots and Decepticons came to Earth a while ago, but the Decepticons are mostly gone now.
The Autobots are guarding Earth, and Cybertron is a dead world.
So the Decepticons are coming back to Earth, and only the Autobots can protect it.

The core Autobots on Earth (the main cast) - Optimus Prime, Arcee (a motorcycle), Bulkhead (sounds similar to the Animated character), Ratchet, Bumblebee, Cliffjumper.
The main Decepticons the Hasbro people were willing to mention at this time - Megatron, Starscream (jet), Soundwave (jet).

There are more Transformers around the Universe, plus others dormant on Earth.

Their comment on why it is called 'Transformers: Prime' - the show deals with what it means to be a 'Prime'.

The tag line for the show, they coined at the panel, and hope it now catches on with the fans - 'It's Rightfully Huge'.

They said it will have a Gen1 focus for now with the way they do the characters, except Bulkhead.

They revealed 2 Voice Actors, but didn't want to reveal any others.
Peter Cullen - Optimus Prime
Frank Welker - Megatron

We were then played a short clip of them doing some lines in a recording studio.
The audience immediately recognised the sound director off camera - Sue Blu (probably won't be voicing Arcee if Arcee is a core cast member).

We were then teased with some character art (remember, no CG models have been done/finished yet).
Megatron - Gen1 'bucket-head', Fusion Cannon, Grey, Cybertronian Jet form that is very much like the '2007-Movie' version.  Megatron is one character that doesn't take on Earth disguise modes because he feels those forms are beneath him.
Optimus Prime - Very movie looking colours and modes (a nosed-truck again)
Bumblebee - Camaro-styled car (which was likely when looking at that promo image of Bumblebee on the net)

And apparently, the character 'Cliffjumper' will NOT be a redeco/remould of Bumblebee.

The Writers have pre-planned a 4-year story arc if the show is successful enough to go that long.

(my opinion - TFPrime looks and sounds a lot like a fusion of Movie and Animated universes)
(Perhaps if there are no actual toys, this show is meant to help sell the Movie toys, and therefore has to look like them)

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