(griffin's 2010 BotCon report)



None of my photos turned out good enough, and didn't yet find any online of him at the panel.

I came in late, as this was one of the panels I had to sacrifice to take photos of the Hasbro Product Display and Art Contest.
Saturday had 7 hours straight of panels, with less than an hour in the morning to access the dealer room and queue up for a good spot in the first panel. After the last panel, the dealer room closed.

Bits I caught from this panel.
His creation of the Optimus Voice - he thought of a truck.  He also thought about honour and integrity, and based it on something his brother Larry said to him before he auditioned for the role.

Peter felt that Opimus coming back from the dead in only a couple Gen1 cartoon episodes was a bit odd.

In response to the comments about Optimus in the 2009 Movie losing his Hero 'Good Guy' tag due to the cold, callous nature/plot of the character, Peter said he still stands for the same things, for the greater good.

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