(griffin's 2010 BotCon report)

PANEL - VOICE ACTORS (both panels)


Paul Eiding & Scott McNeil

Paul is most known for his voicing of Gen1 cartoon character Perceptor.
Scott is most known for Beast Wars characters Dinobot, Rattrap, Waspinator and Silverbolt.

Paul's other biggest non-TFs role is Grandpa Max in Ben10 cartoon.

They talked a bit about their previous roles, their TFs characters, about how they got into voice acting, and people they admire (Mel Blanc - Loony Tunes).
There was also a few bits of in-character roles.
Otherwise, not a whole lot to report (ever) on Voice Actor Panels - they are usually just entertaining to listen to when they slip in and out of character.

Paul said he thought Perceptor was supposed to be C3PO type character, so voiced him with that in mind.
It was such a soft voice, that was not a strain - so he liked the role (especially with Voice Director Wally Burr being such a slave-driver).
Although, Paul mentioned that Wally Burr was hard on everyone except him, so he must have just nailed the voice perfectly for Burr's ear.

This was Paul's first Fan Convention of any kind.

Favourite Characters they have ever done - Smurfs (Paul), Beast Wars (Scott)

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Nothing new to report, as I came in late, and if they said anything interesting, it was included above.

I did take a photo of their second panel.

(This was the last panel of the day/convention)
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