PASADENA... part 3
(griffin's 2011 BotCon report)

Sunday 10am - Collector Club Magazine

Panelists from left - Pete (Marketting), Marty Isenberg (comic story), Derrick Wyatt (comic story), Jesse (colours & letters), Thomas (colours), Trent & Greg (writers).

They began with a rundown of the Magazine's regular format and features.


A battle-scene from their current comic story, Battlelines. A Gen1-esque comic story, that still uses last year's Wings of Honour timeline.

They showed again the story timeline that was shown last year.

Which will lead into their 2012 continuity storyline... present day. (still a work in progress)

They showed off another picutre of the Club Exclusive Runabout and Runamuck for next year.

And showed a pic of their altered logo for this year's BotCon comic/guide with Wildrider (as mentioned in the Collector Club panel).

The cover of the convention comic/program-guide was shown, so that it could be compared to the upcoming Diamond Comics version (which will be available in regular comic stores later in the year).
Unfortunately they didn't want to show off the cover of the Diamond edition cover, so I wasn't able to retake a clearer photo before it was taken off the screen.  But if you squint, it almost looks like a combiner being featured... (if true, it's not something in the story itself, but probably a 'what if' concept image by one of the Animated artists/designers)

An odd thing they mentioned, was that they are trying hard to find Jason Janson (Tommy Kennedy from the Gen1 'season 5' - which were just reruns of 20 episodes in 1987 of the Gen1 cartoon & Movie, with live scenes added to make it look like Optimus was telling those episodes as stories to a human child who needed the info for school assignments sometime after 2006).

They are still trying to produce a TPB/compilation of previous Club Comics (I think it was due to the minimum print number required being too high for an 'out-of-mainstream-continuity' comic)

Marty really wanted a season 4 of Animated in some form, but conceeds that it is not going to happen now.

As for Animated, and even Beast Wars - Hasbro doesn't ignore the fan support (like with the HoF winners), but at the moment, Hasbro is staying away from both styles for a little while.

Classicverse Stunticons, Beast Wars Animated and Beast Wars Shattered Glass themes were all considered for this year.
Hasbro wanted an Animated theme used, so led to the Animated Stunticons being chosen... with the limited number of moulds that were made available to them.

Since Season 4 of Animated was meant to be just set on Cybertron, the comic drew on that idea, and leads right into what would have been the first episode of that season (Team Char breaking out Megatron and the Decepticons from prison).
There were even going to be Minicons in Animated season 4 (according to Hasbro), which is why they were included on page 2 of the BotCon comic as the prison guards. (I wonder if they were already working on toy ideas for Animated Minicons?)

The Character of Wildrider was actually inspired by Michael Bay, as an overenthusiastic Director and pyrotechnician.

Sideswip had to be the Gen2 Black colour scheme, because Hasbro didn't want it looking too much like 'Rodimus', which is one of their featured character toys at the moment (MP Rodimus).

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