PASADENA... part 3
(griffin's 2011 BotCon report)

(Freedom is the Right of all Sentient Beings... unless you're evil, and Optimus has his sword handy)

Easter Egg 5 of 4.
Yes, a BONUS bonus...

Ever had a big , exciting secret you wanted to share with everyone, but couldn't risk upsetting those who are trusting you with the information?
That's how I felt for over 2 months, thanks to this Movie toy. I wanted to promote this new figure to the local fans, but couldn't... right up until a week before it came out.

Hopefully I don't get into any trouble for doing this, but I did keep my promise of not passing this onto anyone... and now that the toy is out, this shouldn't be such a big deal as it is no longer a secret.

Back in early March, Ian and I were treated to some prototype photos of the upcoming Japanese exclusive Jetwing Optimus Prime, thanks to the people at Hasbro at their Australian Toyfair exhibit.
We were told that it was going to also be exclusive to Australia, as part of their ongoing efforts to have the occasional 'premium' TakaraTomy items released in this country. But we were made to promise not to tell anyone... which was fair enough. I didn't want to jeapordize the impending deal, because if word leaked, the American fans would probably cause such a commotion to Hasbro America, that they may have told the Australian office to abandon the deal to avoid further fan backlash.  After all, of the two large-size TF3 Optimus toys (the JP Jetwing Optimus and the Hasbro Ultimate Optimus), this JP one appeared to be the most movie accurate, used a bigger Optimus toy, and didn't look like a giant butterfly.
See what I mean:

The trailer idea is great, and I can't wait to get this one, but to make the trailer itself solid and stable, it needs to have long ridgid panels, that have to go somewhere on the robot mode if it combines.

So seeing the Ultimate Optimus on display at Toyfair, and looking at the prototype photos of the JP Jetwing Optimus next to it, I could see that they both had their strengths and weaknesses over each other... and the strengths that the JP one had was a nicely sculpted rocket-pack, authentic wings, and a pair of huge gattling guns.

Now I was stuck with one of the biggest secrets, and couldn't say anything publicly about it.
When I did up my report on the Australian Toyfair, I mentioned that we were getting secret exclusive item in Australia, as a way of hyping up the Australian fans into looking forward to the Movie toyline, but ended up getting more attention from American fans who somehow guessed what it was... which resulted in me having to mislead them by saying that we would never get something like that here because our market is too small. Which is true, so I didn't lie.

About a month before BotCon I was sent a copy of the prototype from an Online Toy Dealer, and I promised I wouldn't pass copies of it to anyone (and I honestly never did). But I did want to tease the Americans, so I put a copy on my phone, and told people I knew that I would be able to give them a quick look (at what they were going to be missing), and to any of my foreign friends if I had enough time with them.  We rarely get toys here that the Americans miss out on, that they actually want, so it was fun to get some jealous reactions from it.

Now that the toy has been released, and in a slightly darker grey than the prototype with only a few colour apps, the prototype photos ended up looking close to the finished product.
So showing this pic now isn't as interesting as if were a grey-scale prototype of an actual, coloured, toy... because it just looks like one of the many photos out there now of this toy.

But here it is anyway, because I don't see why it should selfishly 'collect dust' on my computer, when it can be archived by other sites for future reference.

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