PASADENA... part 3
(griffin's 2011 BotCon report)

Saturday 11am - Hasbro Toys

Seated on the Saturday Hasbro panel - Greg Lombardo, Jerry Jivoin, Josh Lamb, Bill Rawly (design), Eric Siebenaler (design), Lenny Panzica (design), (and some guy from Takara, who didn't speak at all).



It was announced that Greg was leaving Transformers this year, after 6 1/2 years, and has been a regular at BotCon during its current era with FunPub.
He's been the face of Hasbro relations with the BotCon fans, at the various events, and he will be missed. It won't be the same without him if a 'suit' takes the role of 'fan laison' at BotCon.
His role at Hasbro will be taken over by someone called Billy... not sure if he'll be taking on Greg's role at BotCon as well.

It was also announced that (part time Aussie) Eric Siebenaler was leaving Transformers as well, after 10 years with the brand.
His face on the Hasbro panels and at the Dealer Room exhibit will be missed.

This year's Hasbro panel was shorter (only an hour) and only featured a small amount of future product compared to previous years.

They started with an over-view of the remainder of this year, with the four main lines for Transformers - DotM (movie), TF:Prime (TV), Kre-O, Rescue Bots (TV).

Transformers are launching Kre-O (other themed sets or general Kre-O sets may follow if these are successful... but keep in mind that Hasbro/Takara have tried 'Lego' styled TFs twice, and failed)
Most sets come with 'Kreons', which are the mini-figures.  In the first wave, there are 28 Kreons - 12 Humans, 16 Cybertronians.
They quickly showed some of the first wave, but check the Hasbro Product Display page (from the main index) for names, dates and prices.

Rescue Bots
Aimed at the 5-8 year olds - on shelf in America in August.
Similar to above, they showed product which I'll have covered in the Product Display page (from the main index page).

Reveal the Shield & Generations
Hasbro US is still trying to get the final waves of RtS into stores there, saying that stores were cutting back really early to clear shelves for DotM stock, before RtS had run its course.
Generations will continue throughout the year though, but nothing was shown, if they will be releasing new figures or just re-releasing older ones.

Dark of the Moon
Deluxe Wave 5
- Air Raid (new mould - not the same toy as the JP Movie toy) a green reconassaince plane, with the big circular radar thingy on top becoming a shield and weapon.
- Armor Topspin, a grey redeco
- Dark Iron, a DotM Sideswipe redeco with a new 'cobra' head (sounds like it could be a Decepticon)
Deluxe Wave 6... two deluxes to be revealed June 29th (they didn't say why)

Voyager Wave 4
- Cannon Force Ironhide (red & black redeco)

Leader Wave 2 (just Ironhide, which is already out)

Ultimate Optimus Prime
And they showed the SDCC release (July 21-24), which could end up being released before the regular version. It was the same toy, but packaged in truck/trailer mode instead of in robot mode.
It also comes in a fancy long packaging (see the Hasbro Product Display for photos).

Human Alliance (Deluxe) Wave 2 (Roadbuster, which is already out)
- Wave 3 was also not being revealed until June 29, and contains a single figure (probably Soundwave).

Action Sets Wave 3
- Shockwave (new) w/ Fusion Tank
- Autobot Ratchet (white redeco) w/ Lunar Crawler

Also shown was the Ark playset.

US Exclusives
- ToysRUs Scanning 'Mission Earth'  Wave 1 (Ironhide, Sideswipe), Wave 2 (Bumblebee, Ratchet) (wave 1 already out)
- ToysRUs Cyberverse Battle Pack (Ironhide, white Barricade, Bumblebee, white 'Enforcer', Bumblebee's Action Set)
- Target Deluxes (Arcee, Autobot Jazz, Bumblebee, Space Case)
- Target Human Alliance Leadfoot w/ Steeljaw
- Target Deluxe 2-pack Topspin & Leadfoot (new mould)
- Walmart Deluxe Optimus Prime (already out)
- Walmart Deluxe Rally Deco Bumblebee & Sideswipe (already out)
- Kmart Human Alliance Bumblebee w/ Backfire (already out)
- Amazon.com Masterpiece Unicron 25th Anniversary (US only toy promo)

They gave us some important dates for upcoming product reveals:
June 29 - Movie toy info
July 21-24 - SDCC (Hasbro always has a presentation)
Oct 13-16 - NYCC (probably another presentation)
Dec 1st - First wave/edition of Prime Toys are released

Which led into showing us some of the Prime toys.
(Deluxe wave 1 is already known to be Bumblebee, Starscream and Arcee)
Deluxe Wave 2 - Cliffjumper
Deluxe Wave 3 - Vehicon, Terrorcon Cliffjumper (zombie deco)
Voyager - Optimus, Bulkhead
Entertainment pack - Optimus & Megatron with 3 humans

They also demonstrated the SDCC exclusive TF:Prime figure and packaging, which was a matrix shaped plastic bubble inside the outer box. It seems odd that they would be releasing a TF:Prime toy in extremely limited numbers, six months before it is generally released. Those will certainly be worth 10 times whatever Hasbro sells them at.

Up next were some 2012 TF:Prime concept images and/or prototypes, to give us an idea of what we can expect in 6-12 months time.
Cyberverse(?) - Ratchet, Wheeljack
Legion - Bumblebee with weapons, Arcee
Commander - Ironhide (?)
Deluxe - Soundwave (with Laserbeak on the chest and as a weapon), Ratchet, Wheeljack
Voyager - Starscream

More WFC Generations toys? - only if there is a second WFC game (which we know there is... so that's a yes)
More Mighty Muggs? - maybe (but didn't sound like they had anything planned)

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