PASADENA... part 3
(griffin's 2011 BotCon report)


I woke up later than I wanted to today, and as such, I was late getting myself ready to be down at the Convention when it started with its first event of the day - the Fan Film Fest.
They are usually pretty funny, which would have made it a great way to kick off the convention this year.
It started at 10am, but I got down there a little after 11. I sat in for a few minutes to see some of two entries, before heading back out to get some photos of the opening day and meet a few people (including Karl on the front desk). At this time I remembered the "Transformers Icons" Ozformers 2011 Calendars I brought with me to give away, so I went back to the room to grab some to give to Karl to pass onto any other FunPub people who wanted one.

(it was at this time that I must have plugged in my camera to the computer, got distracted or was in a rush, and later removed it and habitually deleted all the photos (from the last 48hours) without checking first if they had transfered to the computer. It was a habit I got into that week (deleting after removing camera from computer), and being a bit tired, it was a habit that cost me big time this year)

When I got back, Karl was too busy signing in some of the official guests, who would be participating in the Script Reading Panel in a couple hours time, so I went back and saw him the next day instead.

Above is Gregg Berger (Gen1 Grimlock), and a few minutes earlier was Neil Ross (whom I didn't recognise at the time, so didn't photograph him).

Nearby was the entrance to the Dealer Room, which was already set up ready for its opening at 2pm.
(TFs Author Jim Sorenson (Allspark Almanac) was there hanging with other fans... which I love seeing - a fan who has 'risen through the ranks' to be working on big official projects, but still spends his entire time at BotCon among the fans (including pre-registration pickups and purchasing) instead of with the other official people, or demanding special treatment)

This was the queue that was already forming for the Dealer Room, at about 1pm - an hour out from being open. (and for those who've been to a few BotCons, you know to just wait 5 minutes until after openning, and you get in at just about the same time, giving you the same odds of finding the good stuff in the 'treasure hunt' that is the massive Dealer Room)

BotCon events for today:
Friday 10am - Film Fest - 2 hours (I missed most of it this year and lost the only photos I took)
Friday 1pm - Stunti-Con-Job script reading
(Dealer Room open 2-5pm)

In the Dealer Room, my first priority was to find the IDW table, to catch all the TPBs I was missing (I buy most each year from them at BotCon), and had to be sure I didn't miss out because they often bring limited stock.  It took me a while to find their table, as they must have set up late... no one knew where they were, and it was only after I kinda gave up to do some photographing of the exhibits in the Dealer Room, that I ended up finding it by accident.

A couple of other priotities were two JP dealers who are regulars at BotCon, because it's safer for me to buy those rarer and/or more expensive toys in person, than on ebay.
The next priority was looking for Marvel and Star Wars Crossovers - many of which were never released in Australia, and rarely show up on Ebay... and when they do, the cost is huge. Unfortunately, I didn't find any Crossovers that I was after.
Then came the hunt for current DotM stuff I missed so far on my trip (which wasn't much by this point, so only found one item on this day - HA Roadbuster).

This year, lining up at the Club Store for hours for other people's toys was not required, so I had a lot more time for myself to do toy hunting and general browsing of dealers and exhibitors this time.
I had a look over the Hasbro display, and the Kre-O display, taking photos of each.  I glanced at most of the other exhibits though, but didn't want to check them out until after I had bought what I wanted, if I had any time left over.
It was great to meet up with Designer Eric Siebenaler, whom spent some time in Australia a couple years back, and told me some sad news - that he was being moved on from Transformers this year... after 10 years on the brand. I told him that I hoped he'd still come back to future BotCons, even if it were in an unofficial capacity, as he's been one of the more fun and friendlier people at Hasbro.

Stuff I bought in the Dealer Room today:
JP Blacker, Laster, Braver (boxset) - I want both versions of these moulds, but didn't think I'd get the JP version first.  That cost me about $500.
JP THS01 Galaxy Convoy - I've had THS02 since it came out years ago, but was never interested in this one... until the exchange rate made it worth getting to complete the set.
JP DotM Voyager Optimus with trailer - cost me $140 because it has a silver weapon, which I didn't care about, but was the last one left in the dealer room that I could find (in case Hasbro don't release it).
US DotM Human Alliance Roadbuster - had to get the large HA toys in case they didn't get released in Australia like the TF2 ones (most did end up getting here, but very hard to find).
JP Animated Megatron - my least favourite mould of Animated Megatron, but wanted to get the main cast in JP deco (he was the last I needed).
Set of JP gold Mechtech weapons and a set of JP Targetmasters (each being between $30-50 each).
Speed Stars Mini-vehicle Optimus - the last of the single-packed diecast minivehicles I needed, of the ones that I think got released.
IDW comics - Prime "vol 2" (covers first episodes of cartoon), and both DotM prequel TPBs.
JP Generations 2011 Vol1 book.
JP DotM Air Raid - a Deluxe modified Breakaway toy, that I bought in case it wasnt released by Hasbro.
JP Robotmasters Black Gen1 Convoy - the last of the black Robotmasters toys I was missing (so many loose ends tied up this year).
Freebie Kre-o Optimus figurine.

I find it funny that people get amazed or congratulate you on rare or expensive items when you carry them around the dealer room, as I was carrying all that for about half an hour before deciding I should return to the room to drop them off, and come back. So for more 'praise', here's a good shot of this Mint, rare toy.

The Autograph tables, as I was heading back to the Dealer Room at around 3pm (after dropping off a load of toys in the room). These were Gen1 Voice Actors (Morgan Lofting on the left).


(photo from Botcon website)

(photo from Botcon website)

(photo from Botcon website)

At about 5pm, or maybe a little before, I left to go back to the room to prepare for the Friday Night event at 7pm.  Since it was included in the pre-registration package, all the Australians would be attending.

I managed to win David Kaye's script from the Script-reading event during the day, signed by four of the Voice Actors. Plus, also won a bottle of water with the 2007 Movie labelling on it. (photos in the link below)

Friday 7pm - Casino, Dinner, Awards & Auction night

I actually stayed awake through it all this year (fell asleep during the one in 2008, which ended later, and had to return to my room early).

Since it was getting late, and tomorrow was a big early day, we didn't hang around together for long after the event.
I was back at our room close to midnight, and asleep soon after.

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