PASADENA... part 3
(griffin's 2011 BotCon report)


Today I woke up at about 7am, to give myself enough time to get ready this time (and not be late like yesterday).
While having my shower, I suddenly realised that I only have one sleep left on this year's BotCon adventure. The year long wait, and 'week' long adventure was almost over, once again.
All those months of saving, pre-paying/reserving/booking things... all those months of excited anticipation and trepidation on the impending outcome of tonight's Hall of Fame fanvote (thanks to some selfish, disrespectful fansites)... I was only one sleep away from having to say goodbye to another BotCon, and begin the whole process all over again.

But enough of the reflecting.  The Convention wasn't even half over, and I was already thinking about the wait for the next one.

I ate my 3rd box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cereal for the week... it's like a crunchy Cinnamon Donut cereal. Very yummy. I really wish they had this here.

Ian went down to the Dealer Room first, soon after it opened at about 9am. I was still working on some computer things, thinking that I didn't need to be in there yet... after all, I was expecting to be sitting in the Panel Room for 7 hours straight.
About 20 past 9, I got a text message from Ian, urgently saying that I should get down to the Dealer Room... he had found the last of the six JP Headmaster Heads I was missing - Shuffler.
I went down, and found it was from JP Dealer Hydra, whom I trusted, so knew it was a real one and not one of the new counterfeit ones (it had the date stamp on it too).
$500 was the price, and he wouldn't budge... so I decided it was probably my best chance at finding a letit one now.  This is the one that shows up the least on ebay, as it seems to be the rarer of the six coloured Heads. And I'd probably never fully trust an ebay listing to be the real thing either. This now became my most expensive-by-weight Transformers toy in my collection.

So a month after acquiring my most sought after figure (BotCon 94 Gen2 Breakdown - the last BotCon toy I was missing), I had found my second most sought after figure, which was another loose end.
Maybe this year wasn't going to be so bad after all...

I headed over to the Panel room just before 10am and got myself a semi-good seat for the First two panels.
I think it was at this time that I called up the number of someone who was advertising a JP Beast Wars 'Torca' on the sales noticeboard (another find thanks to Ian), and the guy was in the Panel Room at the same time about 5 metres away from where I was sitting.  He confirmed that the toy was complete and unbroken, and said that he would bring it to me later in the day (it was in his room, and I said I would be in the Panel Room for most of the day).

Saturday 10am - IDW Comics

At the end of that panel, the guy with the JP Beast Toy found me again (after going up to his room) and we made the transaction. Another loose end tied up (it was the last of the JP Beast Era toys I wanted).

Saturday 11am - Hasbro Toys (only 1 hour this year, and once again, no photos)

We were then told to leave the Panel Room, so that everyone could be given a numbered ticket, so that 2 people could be drawn randomly to join the Voice Actors, to do some minor roles in the script.
Saturday noon - TF:Prime Script reading of Episode 15 & screening of Episode 16 - 2 hours

As soon as this was finished, I went outside to take some photos of the Autograph area, hoping to see the Prime VAs, but I couldn't find them, so went back inside for a good seat for the remaining panels of the day.


Saturday 2pm - Activision's DotM game
Saturday 3pm - Collector Club
Saturday 4pm - Voice Actors 25th Anniversary of 1986 TF Movie

I had to miss most of the start of that last panel of the day, to photograph the Art Contest display (before too much of it was removed by the entrants), Hasbro Display and Dealer Room. Because the next big block of free time wouldn't be until Sunday afternoon... and I wanted to post up some news-type photos from the Displays tonight for the Australian fans, and not have them wait another day or have to search foreign sources for the good stuff that I should have been posting on our board myself.

While in the Dealer Room, I found my final toy for the day (Beast Wars Returns Silverbolt - a cartoon coloured Beast Machines Silverbolt, leaving me just one left to get), plus bought a new hat (to replace the one I lost at Six Flags, which I would need when I returned to work) and a couple T-shirts for future BotCons as I had worn out my other ones (fading pretty badly now).

I only bought 3 toys today, but had my eye on a few JP toys to buy tomorrow if they were still unsold (and more negotiable). I still had a fair bit of money left to spend if I wanted, but I think I've had enough this year... 127 toys so far this trip is more than I had expected, and there is still the journey to the airport (which will include some stops in stores).  Even saving up money for this year didn't prevent me coming to a point of 'that's enough spending for this year'. Because even if I had only used my own money this year, I would still be thinking about more constructive uses for it.

I went back to the Panel Room to catch the last 10-15 minutes, and after it was finished a little after 5pm, I returned to my room to start packing.  I had about 2 1/2 hours before I had to head down to the Hall of Fame event (which Ian wasn't attending), so I figured that this would be one of the last chances I have to pack before departing tomorrow night.

So here I was, at about 7.40, with 2 full boxes packed and taped up with most of my stuff ready to go (I just needed one more box from the Dealer Room tomorrow for the rest), and showered/dressed up for the HoF event, and I couldn't find the wristband I needed to get into the event.
I remembered having it sitting on the table all weekend, to be sure it didn't get lost in all my stuff... but now it wasn't there, and I couldn't find it on the floor or under any of the furniture.  With 5 minutes left to go, I started to accept the possibility that I would miss this, and it would be like BotCon 2007 (missed the Hasbro Tour) which would really spoil the whole trip. I then thought I should check in the two boxes, in case it some how got mixed up with the toys. Out came the knife to cut open these big boxes... and I proceeded to just grab stuff and dump it on the bed, undoing all that time packing.
With 2 minutes to go, I found it, buried in the middle of one of the boxes in a bag of paperwork I no longer needed.
I just left everything where it was and just 'ran'.  This was one reason I was glad I was in the closest hotel to the Convention Centre.  I just prayed that this event would be as late as everything else this year.
Unfortunately it wasn't, as everyone was already inside at 8.02 when I got to the front doors (which they were closing when I got there).
I was directed through the lobby, told to grab a goodie-bag and a 3D Cinemask (only Bumblebees were left), and I went in to find the other Australians (who had already been sending me text messages wondering where I was).
I explained to them what had happened, and the show was about to start.

Saturday 8pm - Hall of Fame Awards Event

The event itself was good. Short, but good (only an hour and 40mins). And I kinda felt that the $45 price for it seemed a bit steep for what we got out of it (they may have needed to bring in a 3D projector, which probably cost a fair bit).

Outside after it, the Australians hung around for a while chatting, until most of the fans had dispersed.

And transformed...

I was one of the first to leave the group though, as I had a huge mess waiting for me that I had to re-pack. And I didn't want to keep up anyone else in the room that may have been sleeping by now, with noises of my packing.
But I found that Ian had repacked most of it for me while I was at the HoF event, which was really great of him. I don't know if he was more amused or sympathetic at my plight... and it was kinda funny, but only funny because it worked out in the end.

I packed up what I could again, leaving the items aside that needed a new box, and went to sleep some time after midnight.

Tomorrow would be the last day, full of panels and other things I need to do before the 3.30pm close. And since I leave for the airport soon after the end of the Con, I didn't have much time spare to play with. Hopefully there wouldn't be any more unexpected surprises like the lost wristband.

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