PASADENA... part 3
(griffin's 2011 BotCon report)

Friday 1pm - Stunti-Con-Job Script Reading

Voice Actors from left - Morgan Lofting (Gen1 Firestar,Chromia), Abby Collins (?), Vangelas (a fan, filling in for Jack Angel (Gen1 Astrotrain) who was too sick to make it), Gregg Berger (Gen1 Grimlock), David Kaye (BW Megatron, Animated Optimus), Derrick Wyatt (writer, did the narration), Neil Ross (Gen1 Springer).

Their roles, from the autographed script I won... (some roles were swapped around as Jack was absent and Abby and Derrick were late additions).

The inclusion of the two Grimlocks was not part of the story itself, but was for an intermission singing number called, 'Anything you can do, I can do better'.

Photo below is from BotCon website.

The script was written by Derrick Wyatt, based on this year's BotCon comic, which was written by Greg & Trent.  Most of it was word-for-word from the comic, but a few extra scenes were thrown in, while others were extended.

I actually found it easier to follow what was going on by having the BotCon comic open at the pages they were reading, because it didn't have a lot of story-telling of where or what scenes they were in, so got a bit confusing.

This was an hour long script reading, ending just after the Dealer room opened (because it started late).

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Saturday Noon - TF:Prime Script Reading

Voice Actors from left - Andy Pessoa (Raf), Tania Gunadi (Miko), Josh Keaton (Jack), Jeff Combs (Ratchet), Kevin Richardson (Bulkhead), Peter Cullen (Optimus Prime), Markie Post (June - Jack's mum), Ernie Hudson (Agent Fowler), Steve Blum (Starscream).

Some legendary celebrities there - I was excited about having Ernie Hudson (Winston from Ghostbusters) and Jeff Combs (various Star Trek characters) at a Transformers convention... I think the previous best (person who is not just known for cartoons or Transformers) was Tyrese Gibson. Those sort of celebrity guests makes BotCon more than just a 'kids' toyline convention - it makes it more mainstream.

Better still, the cast of Prime were there on their own time, probably for free.  Pretty impressive.

The producer and writers of this episode (and others) were in the audience.
And since a couple of the Voice Actors couldn't make it, the roles were either taken on by other Voice Actors, or by people in the Audience (each person was given a numbered ticket upon entry, and two numbers were called out for the roles of Megatron, Zombie Skyquake and Bumblebee). Ernie Hudson did the role of Knockout.

Before it started, there was a film crew there, possibly a local news TV reporter.

Script reading of episode 15 Shadowzone (the most recent episode to be screened in America)...
Now that I've since watched episode 15, it would appear that they added in a few bits to the script reading session, including one that had Ernie Hudson's character (Agent Fowler) calling up Jack's mum, leading to a Ghostbusters joke... along the lines of 'who you gunna call'.  But by then, the audience and Voice Actors were already laughing hard over the line in the actual episode, 'crossing the streams' (the scene with the two portals openning up near each other)... which is from Ghostbusters, but wasn't an intentional joke (because Hudson's character wasn't in the actual episode - he was just added in to this extra scene for this script reading).

Some quick Q&A.
Kevin is apparently a bit of a trouble-maker/prankster in the recording sessions.  And is said to have a good singing voice, so was asked to sing a bit.
Since the animation is done after the recording of the voices, they usually record all at the same time. (perhaps they had just been at a recording session that day, and the ones missing were not in the episode they were recording)  It makes the inter-action between characters more dynamic and natural.
They mentioned about getting a good agent is one that doesn't demand a fee first... they earn commission, so the better they work at getting them jobs, the more money they earn.

The Voice Actors left...
Then we had an actual screening of episode 16 Operation: Breakdown... which hadn't been screened in America yet.
Since I had only seen up to episode 7 at that time, this wasn't as exciting to me... as it was more confusing and spoilerish.  It was still good to be one of the first to get a sneak peak of an unreleased episode. Something BotCon is, and should be, known for - advance screenings of stuff for the dedicated few who are willing and able to travel each year to the annual official convention.  It sounds a little elitist, but is really an acknowledgement of the fandom by those official sources to be willing to do these sort of special events/screenings.

(as they tried showing the episode, they couldn't get the lights in the panel room to stay off.  It was almost like they had an "anti-environmental setting" of automatically turning back on after a period of dormancy... it was actually quite funny, the way it kept happening for about 5 minutes until someone was able to figure out how to stop it)

The next two photos are from the BotCon website.



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