PASADENA... part 3
(griffin's 2011 BotCon report)

Sunday 11am - TF:Prime Creative Team

Panalists from left - Aaron (Hasbro), Chris (colour design), Dave (Director), (? - writer), Bob Orci (producer), Mike (Hub executive).

Also in the audience were several writers and creative team, plus the president of Hasbro Studios Steve Davis.

After the Movie brought about a cultural change to Transformers in society, TF:Prime was developed with that in mind.
Animated had to end with the creation of the Hub (Hasbro Studios' TV Network).

An animated show (TF:Prime) opens up new possibilitys that a Movie cant.

Most of the writers are fans of Gen1... even playing out episodes in the way they played with their own toys.

Visuals - more edgy and darker. Stepping away from the sugar coated animation of the past. Something more adult.
They want this cartoon to be the current kids' "Gen1".

They have limited tools - small cast, so need cannon fodder troops (Decepticons).
There will be more cast coming before the end of Season 1.
TF:Prime is definitely lasting 3 seasons, into 2013.

Cliffjumper is absolutely, definitely dead... but will be in some flashback scenes in Season 2.
They wanted a death early to prove it was a more serious, realistic cartoon, and the fear that death would be permanent this time.

Season 2 will be more intense... the last 10 episodes of Season 1 sets up the arc of Season 2.
A greater emphasis on story arcs as the seasons progress.

There will be more Wheeljack.
Knockout was originally to be called Lugnut, but changed late (the name still showed up on some TV listings though).

The name 'Vehicons' is not their name in the show, as they don't have a name, but the toy product needs a name - so that's what Hasbro named them.

TF:Prime name - to represent, new, original, restarting but not(?).

The mythology of 'Primes' to play a part at Season 1's end.

Unicron? - no comment.

Arcee - a new look was needed... tougher, not pink.  Hasbro has completely moved on from the Gen1 pink Arcee now.

In production right now (Episode 15 had just screened on TV there) - Episode 20 is in rough animation (they have 5 in different stages of production).
Currently story-boarding Season 2 for animation, and have already recorded the voices of almost all of it (animation is done after voices are recorded in this version).

A story arc early in Season 2 addresses Bumblebee's voice.

Tailgate is a character that uses Cliffjumper's animation model (recoloured)... which would mean a redeco of the toy as well.

The character of Wheeljack was not inspired by Drift.  He is still a Mechanic, but just not shown yet.

Their explination for the different types of Dark Energon (in TF:Prime & WFC) - one is an ancient version while the other is a current version... a lot can happen or change over those years.
They strive to remain within the same continuity, but each series needs to be free to be developed independantly for the best possible story and success.

Makeshift is definitely dead.

Robert Orci kept wanting an Autobot base toy, referring to it as the batcave.  He kept asking Aaron, where's his base toy?
Dave loves Zombies and Destruction... so expect to see more zombies I guess.

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