PASADENA... part 3
(griffin's 2011 BotCon report)

Saturday 4pm - Voice Actors 25th Anniversary of 1986 Movie

Panelists from left - Paul Eiding (Perceptor), Greg Berger (Grimlock), Flint Dille (writer), Neil Ross (Springer).

I had to miss most of this to photograph the Art Contest display, Hasbro Display and Dealer Room, otherwise I wouldn't have a chance until the end of Sunday.

When I came in during the last quarter, they were talking about the cartoon just being a 30 minute commercial to them.
Mentioned how each character had a tag line, for them to work with when voicing them.

There was more of the 'Drive-thru in character' bits.
Plus the usual questions about Agents or getting into the industry.

The last thing that was talked about was the Death/Funeral of Optimus Prime, and how significant it was at that time.

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Sunday Noon - Gen1 Cartoon Voice Actors


Panelists from left - Neil Ross (Springer), Arlene Banas (Carly), Michael McConnohie (Tracks, Cosmos), Greg Berger (Grimlock, Skyfire), Mergan Lofting (Firestar, Chromia).

They gave a big rap for Wally Burr, the Voice Director for the original series, who brought out the best in them, making the characters so spectacular.
They also acknowledge the longevity of the Transformers, and their own 'celebrity status', to the fans.  Meaning, the 'gift' they gave to fans, was returned by way of gratitude and thanks by fans who grew up and/or 'survived' their childhood thanks to the characters those Voice Actors brought to life.  They each had stories about fans who thanked them for what they did many years before, and it made them feel so important as people, and thanked us fans for being so dedicated.

Michael's favourite episode (remember, this is 25 years ago) - God Gambit, because Cosmos got a significant role.
Greg's favourite episode - Fire in the Sky, for Skyfire having a big role.

Michael was like a veteran in 'Robots in Disguise' cartoon, as the only Voice Actor on the cast that had previous Transformers experience.

The voice of Cosmos - was meant to sound like an actor called Peter Lorre who had a Hungarian accent, but ended up sounding a little Mexican to people (I guess the audience was mostly American, who had more exposure to Latinos than Eastern-block Europeans).

They talked a little more about Wally Burr, and their audition process.  They said it was an intensive and indepth, committed process.  They were given artwork and a character bio, and with coaching from the people doing the audition, the characters were a lot easier to imagine and voice. Something they say isn't done anymore.

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