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For those unfamiliar with Derrick Wyatt - he was one of the creators of Animated, and developed most of the story/universe we know of that Series. (like Budiansky from Gen1)

Derrick Wyatt (and a fan who introduced him)

The panel started with a screening of the Animated Shorts that were on the Season One DVD set (went for about 20 minutes).

He's currently working on Ben10 cartoon now, with a lot of the crew that worked on Transformers Animated.

The rest of the panel was pretty much people probing him with questions as to what Season 4 would have been about.
- Sari would study under Arcee to learn to be a Cybertronian, as well as learn about her origin.
- Prowl would become a mentoring ghost like OB1.
- A flash-forward story about a future with Galvatron Vs Bumblemus Prime.
- More *Masters from Masterson, to create his own team.
- The Seeker clones would become more individual characters with their time away from Starscream.
- Blurr was not planned for a return at all.
- A look at Blitzwing's origin as a Triplechanger, which involved Blackarachnia.
- Metroplex would have been used eventually, just nothing planned yet.
- Devastator would have been completed by the end of Season 4, with Bulkhead forced/trapped as the center.
- Blackarachnia & Wasp set up their own faction, of Predacons or Insecticons.
- A Shattered Glass episode would have Sari & Bulkhead sent over via a faulty spacebridge. Idea was mostly to have the Mirror-verse Fanzone say "This is why I love Machines".
- Soundwave would have had more pets, forming an entire band.

A Season 4 comic isn't likely, but it would be up to IDW & the fans to demand it. (it worked to get the Gen1 comic back)

His favourite character was Swindle, because of all the guns.

Smokescreen & Bluestreak, if ever done, would be motorcycles... as a hint to FunPub for future redecos.

Most stories for Animated were brain-stormed over lunches.

Primus doesn't exist in Animated.

Swindle was the only Combaticon that was ever drawn up or developed.

Hasbro wouldn't allow them to have Cliffjumper as the traitor in Autoboot camp, so it was turned into Wasp instead.

The "Maximals" in Predacon Rising was just a gag. It wasn't meant to lead into anything BW related.

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