(griffin's 2012 BotCon adventure)


Getting to sleep a little after midnight, the alarm was set for about 7.30am (the Dealer Room was to open at 8.30am), but I ended up waking up about half an hour before the alarm.
Checking up on the messageboard (part of my job as admin), I didn't get down to the Dealer Room until about 9am (half an hour after it had opened, so I was a little later than I had planned)...

I took photos of the art display, and more of the Hasbro display, as I knew that I wouldn't have much time at the end of the day (I would be in the panel room from 10am to 5pm), and didn't know how much time I'd have on Sunday, so didn't want to leave too much until the last minute. (besides, in previous years people would start removing their art contest entries by the end of Saturday, so didn't want to miss taking pics of everything)

Saturday 10am - Gen1 Voice Actors Dan Gilvezan (Bumblebee) & Buster Jones (Blaster)

Saturday 11am - IDW Comics

Saturday noon - Animated commentary with Derrick Wyatt

Saturday 1pm - Voice Actors David Kaye & Garry Chalk

Saturday 2pm - Collector Club

Saturday 3pm - Hasbro Future Transformers Products

Saturday 4pm - Peter Cullen (Optimus Prime)

Some were late, some were on time.
During the last panel, I left after about 20 minutes, because I've seen his panels quite a few times, and he's not likely to say much that is news-worthy.
I went down to the Dealer Room until it closed, talking to some of the Hasbro people about their presentation, and why they were missing the Crossovers each year.
It was actually about 10 past 5 by the time we finished talking, and the Dealer Room was already pretty empty... so I headed up to my room, did a few things and got dressed up for the Dinner.
Event though the dinner started at 7pm, the pre-dinner reception was 30 minutes before that.  I got down there in time for the start of that, but forgot my Casino Dollars, so went back up to my room and then back down again... not that it mattered, as the Casino night was for 3 hours, and it wasn't like you could get in and out of it.

Saturday 7pm - Hall of Fame Awards, Casino Night, fan awards & Auction

The evening's events went right through until half past midnight (it was a lot of things all on one night - last year those events were split between two nights).

Back in my room, I went to sleep within about an hour to two.

One day left to go...and as usual, the convention was going by way too fast.

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***All pictures in this convention report are mine unless noted. Any that are borrowed, have the source credited/noted.  If you want to use/borrow any of my photos, all I ask is for you to please credit the source as well. I try to take as many of my own photos as possible, and usually only resort to using others if I failed to get something, or my photo wasn't clear enough.

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