(griffin's 2012 BotCon adventure)


Sunday, the final day of the convention for 2012.

I woke up before the alarm again, at 6.30am, but spent the next 3 hours on the computer and then getting myself ready.
The first panel was at 10am, so I wanted to get down to the Dealer Room and grab some at-show exclusives for some people first.

The mess of my room by Sunday, which would all need to be packed up before midday the next day.

Since I got a second big box, with the one I got on Friday (to pack my stuff in for the journey home), I had to go back up to the room to drop it off, and then back down again to the Panel Room (it was good to have a room on a lower floor, but would have been better to be in the main section of the hotel which had 6 lifts, compared to our wing's 2 lifts).

Sunday 10am - Script Reading (Bee in the City 2)

Sunday 11am - Activision (TFPrime game & Fall of Cybertron game)

Since the previous panel finished about 10 minutes to the hour, I had to rush off to my room to send some PMs to people before they woke up (as the panel room was out of range of the wifi I was paying for - and I couldn't wait until after the convention ended 5 hours later).
Typically, that next panel was one of the few that started on time, so I ended up missing the first 5 minutes. (any other panel, I'd have had plenty of time with its 10-15 minute lateness).

Sunday Noon - Simon Furman (unpublished Dreamwave issues & Regeneration One)

Sunday 1pm - Jagex (Transformers Universe MMOG)

Sunday 2pm - Costuming & Cosplaying

I didn't stay for the Costuming panel, as it is fan-run and not something I'm interested in.
I went down to the Dealer room for the remaining 90 minutes of the Convention.

I wasn't expecting to buy anything, after spending most of my cash on Friday and not having access to a quarter of my money... I was mostly there to bug official people with questions I had (and questions other fans back home had)...
- Hasbro - why game-accurate colours on the SDCC Bruticus instead of in stores - because the store versions needed to be brighter to stand out to kids & parents.
- Hasbro - why no Crossover toys on display - it's a different department at Hasbro, but will try to get them included in future, as it is a wasted opportunity to promote them.
- Hasbro - why are we not allowed to cover their presentations, but SDCC is given preferential treatment - not something they can prevent because BotCon presentations include secret stuff.
- Hasbro - why didn't they capitalise on the Avengers movie by reissuing the Marvel Crossovers that are Avengers - not their department, so couldn't say.
- IDW - why no Movie comics after TF3 - too focussed on the two ongoings and RG1 at this time. Will wait until closer to TF4 to see if any post-TF3 comics are worth doing.
- Activision - Escalation in FoC - they can't say yet, but... the game designers like Escalation.
- Furman - How different is RG1 to what you originally had planned for post-80 issues before it was told to be axed - (didn't get to find him to ask him)
- FunPub - massive shipping overcharges not being refunded (I've spoken to a number of people at FunPub about it now) - still looking into it.
- FunPub - lack of local promotions - hands are tied by Hasbro.

I did end up finding a cheap set of the latest Kabaya models (the Protectobots), which I didn't realise had been out, or out long enough to make it to the convention.
But that was the only toys I bought outside of Friday.
So this was my "huge" Sunday "haul"...

That also includes the signed scripts from Simon Furman (from the Friday), the freebie items Hasbro was giving out at their exhibit (Kreo Jazz, Rescue Bots book), a Spychanger Mirage (it was free with the Kabaya models, and I already have it), the non-BotCon version of last year's BotCon comic, some free stickers from IDW, UK catalogue & Auto-Assembly sticker from Colin/THC, and a wristband & lanyard from Jagex.

I also took more photos of the dealer room and the Hasbro exhibit, including the updated Hall of Fame display. (all those pics are in the Dealer Room page)

The annual prize drawing (free entry and domestic flights to the next BotCon) was done at 3.15, and the convention closed 15 minutes later.

As 3.30pm came around, and the announcment was made to say that the convention was now over, I went around taking some photos of the dealers packing up...




And the final photo of BotCon 2012 as I was exiting the dealer room...

Since this was one of those years that I wasn't sharing a room, or meeting up with anyone after the convention ended, coming down from such an intensely fun & exciting, jam-packed few days, was a feeling of sadness that I hadn't felt for a few years.  It wasn't as debilitating as it was in the early years, but it was still a significant feeling of sudden emptiness, after being so emotionally charged for several days.

To help overcome that, I offloaded all my stuff in my room and headed off for some "food therapy".
I dropped off my stuff in my room, and headed off to Sonny Bryans again (from the first day), specifically to try their "cobbler" (something I'd heard about on TV, but didn't have a clue what it was until I looked up online later)... which is like an apple-crumble pie, without the pastry base.
I ended up buying a "sloppy joe" as well, since that was the feature item on "Man Vs Food", plus some deep-fried cheese sticks (a favourite of mine).

But I didn't stop there... Noooo... (voice of BW Megatron)

As my last "meal" in Dallas, and no prospect of getting to a Burger King before leaving America, I went across the road from Sonny Bryans, to a Hoffbrau Steakhouse. (I wanted a giant steak dammit... even if it meant takeaway).
Inside the Hoffbrau Steakhouse I checked out the menu looking for the biggest steak they had... but got distracted by the "Chicken Fried Steak" - something that was recommended by someone at work... and again, something I was unfamiliar with until looking it up online. (it is steak, coated and fried like KFC - but it ended up being more like a thick veil schnitzel)

I ordered one of those, plus, another item that caught my eye - Dr Pepper Chicken.
It is chicken, marinated in Dr Pepper syrup (among other ingredients) to give it a richer, bitey flavour. I ordered that as a burger, which was cheaper (and hopefully smaller) than the meal version. It still came with a serve of wedges, as did the Chicken Fried Steak... so I had myself well and truly stocked up for Dinner AND Breakfast.
(why Dr Pepper?  Well, Texas is the home of Dr Pepper, so is probably popular)

Top left - apple cobbler & cheese sticks with dipping sauce.
Bottom left - sloppy joe, fries, with their special sauce, pickles, jalapenos and onions.
Top right - Dr Pepper chicken burger/sandwich, with heaps of sauces.
Bottom right - Chicken Fried Steak on fried bread and special white sauce, with warm bread roll & butter.
Middle - two servings of thick potato chips.

And it was all so cheap too... although, a tip/gratuity is expected if dining in, which would add to the cost (I wasn't sure if a tip was required if you takeaway). But each of those 3 meals (and the cheese sticks w/ Cobbler) were $10 or less. Much cheaper than fast food franchises in America, which are the same or more than Australian prices.

On the way back to the hotel I stopped by the 7-11 once again, to grab a couple bottles of Diet Coke to help wash it all down with (it was on special, so I kept going back there).

Feeling tired, I didn't plan to do much that night except eat and watch TV.... but as I looked at how much mess I had to pack up, I forced myself to start sorting out things, so that it was easier to pack the next morning (to prevent last minute panicked packing - and to see for sure that everything would fit in the 2 boxes and bag I had with me).
In the end, my compulsion to finish what I had started, I ended up packing everything before going to sleep, AND, I only filled the two boxes, leaving me with my big bag empty (which could now carry my backpack, leaving me with just two check-in items... which are free).

All I had to worry about tomorrow was taping up the boxes and changing clothes before the midday checking out.
Plenty of time... or so I thought.

I kinda got caught up watching a marathon of Law & Order episoded on one of the TV channels, until about 3am.
That meant waking up some time after 9am... to finish off the food from last night, get cleaned up, and finish packing by midday.

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