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The first news-related panel this year doesn't reveal much, and with the lack of interest in the magazine (even by members) the panel probably wouldn't interest too many people even if they did.

Panelists - Trent, Greg, Derrick Wyatt, Benson, Jesse, Pete.

A quick mention that nothing is yet back online (after they had to shut down the site a few months ago), but are still working on it, to start having stuff working again soon.

They started off by detailing the general outline of the Magazine's sections.


The MTMTE profiles are not actually "Animated", but the artist (Matthew Armstrong) is an Animate Fan, so borrows some concepts (the Hammer above), or styles/colours.

They mentioned about having Hasbro providing them with advance toy product images... which almost had me laugh out loud. What, with only 2, 3 issues in the last couple years featuring any unreleased toys.
To proove what I mean... let's have a look at the last few issues.
#44 - not received yet (apparently has some TFPrime toys in it)
#43 - NO NEW TOYS (Rescue Bots toys from a year ago shown)
#42 - TFPrime First Edition toys & Generations (8 toys shown) + a "New Release" checklist. This is what EVERY issue should have.
#41 - NO HASBRO RETAIL TOYS (Club exclusives shown)
#39 - NO RETAIL TOYS (SDCC exclusives shown)
#36 - NO HASBRO RETAIL TOYS (Club exclusives shown)
#35 - Reveal the Shield (6 toys shown)
#32 - A single Power Core Combiner (plus a groupshot on the cover)
#30 - NO HASBRO RETAIL TOYS (Club exclusive shown)
#29 - Movie toys (6 shown)
(I'll stop there, as this is a BotCon panel after all - I just wanted to justify why their claim of including Hasbro product is a exaggerated, to the point of being false)
This is after all, a Transformers Magazine, and what is Transformers centered around, that draws in most of the fans to the Brand - the toys.
Where... are... the... toys?
Comics, info & interviews are good, but this should be an opportunity to have future toy products shown off, or at least, in print like the old catalogues fans loved. (to drool over without having to turn on a computer)
This year's comic story - A Flash Forward.

Centering around Generation 2 meeting up with Headmasters on Nebulos while searching for something.
(for those following the story, it was noted that Sideswipe above was coloured wrong)

It is within the Wings of Honour timeline, as the third "Wings" story, and Flash Forward will lead straight into the BotCon 2013 comic (as the issues progress, we will get an idea of the theme and characters for the next BotCon). That story will be set in present day, so will be 30 years after the events of the Gen1 cartoon.

As a catchup on the timeline of their stories...


When that is done (BC13's comic), the next two years of Magazine comic will be a 2-year story arc, set on different "Earths".
More on that should be in the FunPub panel.



The Classic-verse no longer exists... it was completely destroyed.  But Earth and some Bots may have survived.

They claim that it is now within the same Universe as the new Regeneration One comic... but I'm not sure if that's true, as FunPub were going from the Carton universe, and RG1 is the comic universe. I think they were trying to talk about not confusing readers who might think they are part of the same universe. Or maybe they were talking about how they have to be careful who they kill off in case it conflicts with existing media from the Cartoon universe.
As such, deaths or injuries in the BotCon comic had to be of specific characters.

They wanted to include the Neo Knights in the BotCon comic, but couldn't, due to Marvel owning them.

For characters like Jhiaxus, that has a toy that differs to its original comic/cartoon appearance, Pete prefers that the FunPub comics use their toy versions, to prevent pestering by fans to have a toy done.
(fair enough, because it was always a tease seeing non-toy characters being featured in the comics or cartoon... especially if the became big role characters)

The BotCon edition cover:

The cover of the Diamond edition, out later in the year:

From the Q&A...
- Cliffjumper (G1/Classics) is unlikely to ever return to his universe. A bit like Quantum Leap I guess.
- Bugbite and Gobots are still around. Things will only be used if they can, but see their bios or prose stories for explanations for some.
- Hasbro's new "Aligned" Universe (which involves the 13 Primes) doesn't apply to FunPub's comics because it was pre-existing, so a retcon wouldn't work (re- Vector Prime).
- It is still possible for future Animated stuff, but nothing is "planned" (they did hint at something being mentioned in tomorrow's panel, so check back if interested in Animated).

And to wrap up the panel, a teaser from the FunPub panel (tomorrow) - RiD Scourge (using the RtS Optimus mould... possibly as one of the exclusives for next year).

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