(griffin's 2012 BotCon adventure)


From left - Chris, Jon, Rik, Mark, Aaron, Bill, Clint Chapman.

A big turnout by Hasbro this year, with Clint taking the lead with the departure of Greg Lombardo.
With only a single hour this year, compared to two hours in the last few years, the presentation went through very fast... too fast for me to catch everything.

Universal Studio Ride, showing the toys that will be sold at Universal Studios (Legion Evac, Deluxe & Voyager repacks)

Jagex MMOG.

TFPrime Ebooks & Cartoon series on DVD, and Season 2 on US TV.

Rescue Bots - only showed what was in the display case.

Kreo (series 2) - only showed what was in the display case.
- 7 new sets
- "Quest for Energon" theme
- 29 new Kreons (each with a second, swapable transparent purple chest)

TFPrime (only a couple items below weren't already known)
Deluxe W4 - Dead End, Shadow Strike Bumblebee, Airachnid
Deluxe W5 - Sergeant Kup
Voyager W3 - Dreadwing
Voyager Wave (4) - Thundertron (a blue/white liger from Exiles book (pirate?) - looks like TFC Leobreaker)
Legion W3 - Wheeljack, Quickstrike Bumblebee, Flamewar
Cmdr W3 - Ultra Magnus, Nightwatch Optimus Prime
Vehicle W2 - Battlesuit Bumblebee
Legion - Airachnid

Single packs and Launchers were shown (early waves)
3-pack Wave 2
- Skyquake, Jetfire, Powerglide
- (blue) Brawl, Shockwave, (clear blue) Ironhide

Generations (all FOC so far)
2013 - Kickback (on display), Starscream (new), Sideswipe (remoulded Jazz) (NOTE - the Insecticon was noted as Kickback on the slide, but I think the final product name will be Insecticon)
2013 - Ultra Magnus (remoulded Optimus), Fireflight (remoulded Shockwave, in red/orange/yellow)
2013 - Soundwave w/ Laserbeak (on display)
2013 - Soundblaster w/ Buzzsaw (redeco of above)
(each bird is a "data disk" that can be launched out of Soundwave's chest, and auto-converts when they hit something - each bot can hold 3 data disks)
(Yes, three... so it would be a waste only having 2 disks to fill that space...)
Legends (not Legion?)
Rumble (blue) & Ravage
Ratbat & Frenzy (red)
(each 2-pack comes with a plastic case for storage in disk mode)


US TRU - Masterpiece Optimus (MP10) with trailer and all JP parts. Smokestacks should be long, but still not definite.

SDCC 2012 - FOC Bruticus in Game colours (compared to the fluro colours that will be in stores a couple months later). Packaged in a BIG book-style box.

SDCC 2012 - Rust in Peace Cliffjumper (Zombie Cliffjumper in its original red deco) Comes in a box shaped as his head, inside a box that looks like his chest, so you can sit the head onto the chest for display. Toy comes with a shard of Dark Energon to zombie-fy him with.

SDCC is July 11-15.

No TFPrime Voyager Breakdown shown, and they couldn't comment on it - maybe not being released by Hasbro?
Also, "no comment" when asked about FOC Dinobots. But don't expect all 5.

Toys for the First 13 - they were originally planning to do one a year, but is taking longer than expected to instigate it, so is still some way off.

Case assortment ratios are all about estimates and balancing.

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