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From left - Kelly (writer), Steve (art director), Aaron (Hasbro), Eddy (manager)

Jagex is a UK company.

They wanted to emphasise that a lot of specific details are still yet to be worked out or announced.

TFU will be a free, browser-based game/community. They prefer browser-based to make it more accessible to people.
Extra things (like upgrades, weapons) in the game can either be earnt with play or purchased.
Those optional costs are not yet known.

It was originally planned as a tie-in to the TFPrime universe, but in the last 12 months they shifted their focus away from that, to be more "inspired by" it now.

They will invite a few people from the early registrations to be involved in beta testing of the game.

The voice cast will be significant and respectful.
Size & Scale is important. They want you to feel HUGE in the game, compared to other MMOGs.

They want the game to last 10+ years, so expanding and adapting will be key to its longevity.

It will have a 3rd person view, to see your own creations.

Air based alt-modes are not in the initial launch, but they are working on getting them in later.
Same with multi-changers, Beasts or Minicons - they want to set up the game first before getting too creative with more difficult elements.

Alt-modes are more than just for travel, they will be used in the game, like for combat.

There will be 5 classes, and you can't change your class once selected.

There will be minimal human involvement, but they will be there in the background.

Stories will be completely new and unique... not bound by existing stories in cartoons or comics.

Graphics will have look/feel of a console game.

Server locations are not yet known. (multiple or single)

There was a slide show as well, but mostly the same stuff (artwork) they showed last year and online.







They also showed us a trailer for the game, but was not actual gameplay footage.

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