(griffin's 2012 BotCon adventure)


Combining the first two panels/presentations, as they are fan-related, and very light on content (so not worth wasting a whole on each).

9am MSTF - a fan-hosted comedic voice-over of Transformers cartoon episodes.
(for those who know what Mystic Science Theatre is, this is the format)

Episode 13.
After a couple years without it, the MSTF team return for another instalment... this time, paying out on Japanese Headmaster Dubs (probably due to its recent release on DVD in America).

The presentation room this year.

The first three rows on the left, and first row on the right, had the following signage up for those with Golden Tickets (the extra expensive registration packages, that paid for extra benefits).

Since I had one, I was able to sit in the front row all weekend, making it a lot easier covering the event, and getting better photos (helped with my new camera too).

The MSTF hosts...

Trent, David, Greg.
And a cameo appearance by Doug...


11am - Filmfest

There were 9 videos this year. The first 8 were elligible.
1 - My BotCon Video. Stop-motion dancing Bumblebees, done by an 11 year old.
2 - Best Transformers Fan Film Festival Thingy Ever. By Jon 3.0, narrated by "Ravage".
3 - Generation One Green Energy. Also by Jon 3.0, about the Decepticons getting stoned by "green energy".
4 - Technicolour Terror. Gen1 Scourge takes on the colours of Actionmaster Thundercracker, to stand out from the Sweeps.
5 - Starting them Young. A look at a 2 & 1/2 year old, being "indoctrinated" into Transformers.  Is able to name various Gen1 characters, but points to Drift, asking, "who's that?"
6 - Randomness. A series of random comments by different characters.
7 - Operation Apocalypse. Audio only transmission from Decepticons planning to invade.
8 - Battle for Dallas. Super-imposed toy battles over video footage of Dallas.
9 - (untitled?) by DrSmoov.  The guys who do the BotCon videos, have been progressively constructing a CGI Transformers & GIJoe battle over the last few years.  This year it was up to about 4 minutes long.

The 9th video was not in the competition, but the audience was asked to vote on their favourites by cheering, and having the noise measured.
Video 5 was the winner, followed by Video 3, and Video 2.
Prizes were to be given out on the Saturday night, after the Hall of Fame awards dinner.

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