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3-4 - PANEL - Collector Club

From left - Pete, Brian, Lanny.

The usual production process with the Convention toys for this year...

The colour sheets.

Electro had to be called Electron, due to there being a character called Electro in an upcoming Spiderman movie (so couldn't use it).

Starscream was the one that kicked off the theme, as the Terrordive toy apparently looked like an obvious Machine Wars Starscream, and the rest of the set worked around that.

Military themed symbols were created for the allegiance symbols.
NOTE - a question was asked why the Decepticon symbols were upside-down on the Rainmakers. Lanny said that it was because it looked more realistic to him to have them done like military jets (they are GIJoe fans, who are a different demographic & focus to us, creating Transformers toys, so didn't think to homage how they looked in the cartoon).

An example of the various mould charts they showed for the Sandstorm toy. There were about a dozen shown, just for the one toy, to show how certain parts had to be the same colour and same plastic type, based on their mould tree.

When taking on the Machine Wars theme, they tried to look for fan art, but there wasn't much.
One they found was Josh Burcham, who started on the bio pics first, but then had to be asked to do the comic as well, as the original artist had to drop out after doing just the first page.
This was his first time doing a full project of pencils, ink and coours.

The final panel of the BotCon comic should say "To Be Continued...." but was forgotten.

The process for the Box-set box.

They wanted to capture the style of the original box design, with the window and metal background.

Before a window was tested out..

With a window, showing all five toys - two on the box, three through the window.

Dan Khanna's art for the box.

The price-sticker was meant to be printed on the box, but no one noticed it missing on the proofs until after the boxes were produced.  So they had to produce stickers to then hand-stick on each box, which ultimately gave a more realistic homage to the "Kaybee toys" price sticker.
062713 is the date of the convention.
$365 is the price of the Boxset.
The 22 and 3 were supposed to mean something, but they've since forgotten what it was.

The file sheet proof of the box - before cutting and shaping over the box (to have the clear window stay secure, it is actually pressed between two layers of the box).

The final product.

2014 Membership toy - Rampage (to pair up with Depth Charge from this year) - a redeco First Edition TFPrime Megatron with new head.
And an additional club exclusive - Transmutate (redeco First Edition Arcee)

Transmutate will come in a box with an empty spot for Rampage, like they did with the Battlechargers.

The Club Comic will feature these two, somehow.

Subscription Figures Series 2. Only three could be announced so far...
Chromedome - from TFPrime Wheeljack
Treadshot - from Generations Warpath
Ironfist - from Generations FOC Roadbuster

Subscription pre-orders will begin in September.

They said the six month delay from the factory left them with no choice, as it is supposed to be an annual scheme, and they need to get the second series started... which they are holding off until at least half of the first series is sent out.

Apparently the Factory thought they were botcon toys because it was a set of six, so didn't get onto them straight away. The language barrier and the indirect communication (via Hasbro then Takara, then the factory, then back to Takara and Hasbro, back to FunPub)... by the time Funpub knew about the toys not being done and was able to correct the scheduling, it was close enough to the production of the BotCon toys to just hold them another month and send them all together.

The new website coding is being redone, so that it can integrate between store, site and forum.
They got the software finalised for the forum five months ago, but need it to interface with everything else.

Will the magazine go digital (to make it fairer for those paying twice as much outside of America who miss out on the news and interaction with American members) - no... apparently due to licensing and trademark issues.

Will the Boxset concept continue, instead of having the core characters of the Convention being made available to walk-ins if the Box-sets sell out during pre-registration?  Despite the less than positive approval of the Transformers fans of having to fork out a lot of money on a complete set, the (GIJoe) admin will be stubbornly sticking with the Box-set Formula for BotCon, because it works for their GIJoe conventions.
(It's easier to stick to a formula than try something new that may or may not do better.)


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