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12-1 - PANEL - Collector Club Magazine

Even though the previous panel (Filmfest) finished before Midday (because there were only 6 entries), this panel was 23 minutes late to start.

Jesse (writer) - Pete - Benson - Josh (artist)

First up, the basic features of the Magazine.

Apparently they'd like to include more future product reveals, but find it difficult to get advance toy images early enough to be "news" when the Magazine finally gets to fans.


The Beast Wars story that started this year in the Magazine will continue into 2014, but in a different setting to this year.

The BotCon comic this year was supposed to say "To Be Continued" on the last page, and it sounds like it will continue in the 2014 magazine comic.

The 2014 comic story will also end the "Wings of Honour" Universe, started in 2009.
It is based on the cartoon timeline, but not part of it.

More Prose stories will return to the Club website, which is expected to relaunch in September 2013.

The Gobots in the image above - Pathfinder (Cosmos), Man-o-war (Seaspray), Blower (Warpath), Blowim (Beachcomber), Smallfoot (Gears), Rush Q (Hubcap).
The original name for the green Warpath was Treds, but since it was a character under-cover, perhaps Blower is the real name.

Next year's BotCon theme will not be a direct continuation of anything before... but will somehow tie into the wrapping up of the Wings Universe.


They are usually limited to 4 remoulds per year for BotCon toys, and often it goes to new heads.

The fourth Seeker jet in the BotCon comic (a red one) was not given a name as it was just a random background character. They will give it a name later and release it online.
(it ended up being called Red Wing, possibly as a nod to Star Trek Red-shirts - the character was shot, but not sure if they died)

Since the other Club panel talked about how they feared that the blue Rainmaker might end up looking too much like Thundercracker, it's been speculated that this may have been a back-up option for the 3-pack if pre-production samples didn't make Bitstream look different enough.

I think we might see this redeco sometime in the future from FunPub, based on the responce of the audience... along with the yellow and green ones from the Rainmaker episode (The Ultimate Doom).

We still might see the remaining Machine Wars characters in the future (Hubcap, Mirage, Soundwave, Megatron).

The art for the BotCon comic this year was started by one artist (Jimbo), but was only able to complete the first page (which is why it is different art style), so someone else was called in to finish it (Josh).
He was originally just asked to do some help with the art, and ended up doing the whole thing as his first comic.

Nexus Prime is now definitely out of the hands of FunPub, now that Hasbro is using it.

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